Jimmie Gordon – 1934-1938 The Remaining Titles

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Track Listing:
The Mississippi Mudder: 1. Louise, Louisa Blues -   2. Bye Bye Baby Blues -   Joe Bullum: 3. Black Gal Blues -   4. Gone Gal Blues -   Jimmie Gordon And His Vip Vop Band: 5. Drive Me Away Blues -    Jimmie Gordon: 6. Graveyard Blues (Dead And Gone Blues) -   7. Bed Springs Blues No. 2 -   8. Soon In The Morning -   9. Little Red Dress (Mary Usta Wear) -   10. Big Four Whistle Blues -   The Mississippi Mudder: 11. Sweet Jelly Rollin' -   12. Baker Man -   Jimmie Gordon: 13. Drunken Woman Blues -   14. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water -   15. Mother Blues -   16. Think You Need A Shot -   17. C. C. & St. Louis Blues -   Jimmie Gordon And His Vip Vop Band: 18. Playing In The Grass -   19. You're Bound To Look Like A Monkey -   20. Good As I Been To You -   21. Rattlesnake Bite -   22 . I Believe I Been Hoodood -   Jimmie Gordon: 23. Sail With Me -

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