Lady Blue – Shady Lady

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Lady Blue (real name: Laverne Johnson-Boykin) was born and reared near Pace, Mississippi, in the early 1950's. She first came to musical fame as a back-up singer for Ike Tina Turner's band..... she was an "Ikette"..... but her roots go back further, as she sang gospel since childhood. Following the lead of her brother, Bobby Johnson, who recorded a single for Blue Loon in '89, Lady Blue's single, "Wind Beneath My Wings / Your Man Mine",hit the streets the following year, and there was an immediate clamor among blues DJ's and reviewers for MORE!!! Her 1994 Blue Loon CD, "Shady Lady" included the songs from the 45 , plus a dozen others, all (except for an impressive cover of Elmore James' "It Hurts Me Too")were penned and arranged by Lady Blue. Like the single, it was welcomed with high praise from the critics, and helped the fledgling label gain acceptance in the marketplace. Lady Blue toured behind the record for several years, before taking a break from the road, and commencing work on songwriting for her next project. She had been appearing occasionally at local clubs, like Biscuits and Blues, where she held court each Tuesday evening for several years prior to her death in September 1999.

1. Shady Lady - 4:05   2. Sock and Go - 5:03   3. Can't See the Wall - 5:37   4. You Make Me Feel So Good - 3:56   5. Wind Beneath My Wings - 3:34   6. Your Man and Mine - 4:12   7. Don't Mess with My Man - 3:31   8. If You Hadn't Been Drinkin' - 3:16   9. Straight Up Tell Me - 6:00   10. Gonna Break Your Plate - 4:23   11. Don't Feel the Love No More - 4:27   12. It Hurts Me Too - 3:27

Laverne 'Lady Blue' Johnson (vocals) , Curtis Blake (harp on 3) , Mark Lawson (harp on 8-11) , Pat Dawson (bass) , Dave"Biscuit" Miller (bass on 1,2,4,-6) , Mike "the Hook" Deutsch (piano) , Tommy Spaeth (piano on 5,6) , Jay Doughty (guitar) , Ivan Wallace (guitar on 5,6) , Bill Connor (sax) , Brad Moe (percussion on 4) , Moe Stevenson (drums) , Bron Westland (drums on 5,6)