Joe Houston & Otis Grand – The Return Of Honk!

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New 2016 Remix from the original session tapes.

Otis Grand had hoped to record with Joe Houston - arguably the first and the last of the bootin’ saxmen - for years. Now his dream was realised. 
After playing in his native Texas, Texas, Joe was recruited to the Chicago band of King Kolax. He stayed “For about three years; they played the hits of the day, they played the Blues too”. After this, he played with Ray Charles and toured with Gatemouth Moore before returning to Texas. In 1952 he moved to California, then a mecca for storming sax-led R&B. There he earned such aliases as Mighty Joe Houston and ‘The Wildman Of The Tenor Sax’.
Live work continued, but not recording. This CD was Joe's first in sixteen years. 
Joe sparked off his sidemen: “Otis is a wonderful person, I enjoyed working with him and …some wonderful British people and one American on drums - he’s a good drummer, really helped the record 100%.”
Otis singled out another musician for praise: “Ray Gelato was brilliant”.For Ray Gelato, the session had a special significance; the first sax album he bought was by Joe Houston!

Track Listing:
1. The Return of Honk - 5:09   2. Camilla's Hop - 4:10   3. Mama Don't - 5:24   4. Fruit Boots - 4:49   5. Big Legged Woman - 7:33   6. They Killed Crazy Horse - 3:34   7. Castle Rock - 7:17   8. Why Oh Why - 4:26   9. Blues for T-Bone - 7:39   10. Down, But Not Out - 4:00

Joe Houston (tenor sax, alto sax, vocals) , Otis Grand (guitar) , Ray Gelato (tenor, baritone sax) , Peter Beck (tenor, baritone sax) , Dave Priseman (trumpet) , Neil Gouvin (drums) , Chico Lopez (bass guitar) , Dave Rowberry (piano) , Steve Diamond (piano & Hammond B3)


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