Dino Coccia – Widespace

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From the sassy opening bars of Rita San, appreciators of jazz and blues will know they're in for an album of treats. On "Widespace", Dino Coccia has assembled some fine veteran musicians (Alan Barnes and David Newton, for example) on a session of original tunes plus a sprinkling of old favorites. Endorsed by Paul Jones on his "Jazz Me Blues" program, "Widespace" needs no further recommendation. The sax and piano contributions are superb, and with occasional help from the Barcodes, this CD sounds great and moves along at an inviting pace that makes it right for a little late night lift or anytime that well-done music is desired.

Track Listing:
1. Rita San -   2. Ballad For Dean -   3. Skin Of My Teeth -   4. Sweet Sixteen -   5. No Frills -   6. King Bee -   7. Tomorrow Night -   8. Hey Renee -   9. Comin' Home -   10. More Thrills -   11. Resolution Blues -   12. Stop Trying It On -   13. Thurlow Park Blues -   14. Wide Space -

Dino Coccia (drums) , ...