Louisiana Red – The Sky Is Crying


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A new album has been released, which will also be a great surprise for all country blues fans: Louisiana Red recorded some years before his death a great live CD from different concerts in Greece! Also present at these concerts were: Johnny Nicholas and Bob Brozman.

Track Listing:
1. Too Poor to Die - 5:04   2. Working Mule - 2:46   3. Champagne and Reefer  - 4:20   4. Do You Got Balls?  - 1:27   5. Same Thing - 6:20   6. Good Bye Jack Dupree - 4:02   7. What Is That She Got - 6:45   8. Keep on Playin' the Blues - 6:03   9. The Sky Is Crying - 6:23   10. Locke Up So Long - 3:33   11. I Wonder Who - 4:31   12. Early in the Morning - 5:04   13. You Done Quit Me - 5:07   14. I Done Woke Up - 10:07

Louisiana Red (vocals, guitar, harmonica) , Bob Brozman (national steel on 6,8,10,12) , Johnny Nicholas (piano, vocals on 5,14) , Elias Zikos (guitar) , Sotoris Zissis (bass) , Olek Chaly (piano) , George Papazoglou (drums) , ...

Review :

1. www.lahoradelblues.com
Acaba de aparecer un nuevo álbum que sin duda será una agradable sorpresa para todos los aficionados al blues rural. Se trata de unas grabaciones de Louisiana Red extraídas de diferentes conciertos que realizó en una gira por Grecia unos años antes de su fallecimiento. El disco cuenta con dos invitados de excepción como son los fantásticos y siempre genuinos Johnny Nicholas y Bob Brozman. En tres de los catorce cortes que contiene el disco “Do You Got Balls?”, “Working Mule” y “Too Poor To Die” Iverson Minter toca en solitario, acompañándose de guitarra acústica y slide, mientras que en la tercera de ellas se emplea a fondo y bien con la guitarra eléctrica. También hay homenajes al blues de Chicago con excelentes versiones de “What Is That She Got?” y “Champagne And Refeer” de Muddy Waters e incluso rinde tributo a su amigo el estupendo cantante y pianista de New Orleans Champion Jack Dupree a quien dedica la canción “Goodbye Jack Dupree”. Mientras muchos de sus contemporáneos perdieron popularidad con la llegada del rock ‘n’ roll, Louisiana Red supo forjarse una carrera en Europa de la mano de su manager y amigo Rolf Schubert, siendo considerado uno de los bluesmen más genuinos y auténticos que supieron siempre mantener vivo el verdadero sonido del Delta. Un disco muy recomendable para los amantes del género. MUY BUENO.

It has just been published a new album that undoubtedly will be a pleasant surprise to all country blues fans. It gathers some Louisiana Red’s recordings coming from different shows belonging to a tour around Greece he did a few years before his death. The album features two exceptional guest musicians like the great and always genuine Johnny Nicholas and Bob Brozman. Three of the fourteen album cuts "Do You Got Balls", "Working Mule" and "Too Poor To Die" feature Iverson Minter performing solo, only with acoustic guitar and slide, while in the third of them he plays electric guitar. There are also tributes to Chicago blues with excellent versions of "What Is That She Got," and "Champagne and Refeer" by Muddy Waters and he even pays tribute to his friend, New Orleans great singer and piano player Champion Jack Dupree with the song "Goodbye Jack Dupree". While many of his contemporaries lost popularity with the rock 'n' roll explosion, Louisiana Red forged a successful career in Europe helped by his manager and friend Rolf Schubert, and he was always considered as one of most genuine and true bluesmen who knew how to keep the true delta sound alive. This is a highly recommended album for old time blues lovers. GREAT.

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