Liz Mandville Greeson – Ready To Cheat

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Ready to Cheat is a dark, sexy, dangerous blend of Chicago blues and Memphis soul, spun from the pen of Chicago blues diva Liz Mandville Greeson. Winding her steely, muscular four-octave voice around her new original songs, Liz delivers sassy, soul-drenched blues for the new millennium. Liz is an accomplished Chicago-based songwriter, singer and performer who has received enthusiastic acclaim not only from audiences in the Chicago blues club scene, where she appears regularly, but also from her appearances in national and international tours. Listen to her lively , lusty views of life, love, and sex on this album, her second Earwig recording. The album features the Chicago Fire Horns, Bruce Thompson and the Black Roses on background vocals, and some of the finest Chicago session men in the business.

Track Listing:
1. Just Getting Ready to Cheat - 4:17   2. Great Big Man - 3:02   3. Those Kisses - 5:48   4. Friendly Stranger - 4:55   5. Walking on Eggshells - 5:14   6. Reefer Woman - 5:38   7. Belly Rubbin - 4:55   8. Quit Doggin - 4:08   9. How Could I Not Love You - 5:22   10. He Left It in His Other Pants - 3:21   11. Jim Beam - 1:50   12. Chi-Town - 4:33   13. Goin' Home - 3:22

Liz Mandville Greeson (lead vocals, acoustic guitar on 11, 13, electric guitar 1,7) , Charles Crane (guitar on 1,7) , Chris Winter (guitar on 2,10,12) , Michael Dotson (guitar on 3,6,8) , Mike Gibb (guitar on 4,5,9) , Ron Sorin (harmonica) ,Willie Henderson (baritone sax) , Bill McFarland (trombone) , Paul Howard (trumpet on 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 12), Phil Perkins (trumpet on 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 12) , Dave Kaye (bass) Phil Baron (piano on 4,9, B3 organ on 9) , Allen Batts (B3-organ) , Dave Jefferson (drums on 1, 4 to 13), Ricky Nelson (drums on 2, 3) , Bruce Thompson (backing vocals on 1, 7, 13), Del Brown (backing vocals on  1, 13), Jimmy Burns (backing vocals on 13), Johnny Drummer (backing vocals on 13), Precious Jewel (backing vocals on 1, 7), Teela Owens (backing vocals on 1, 7)


1. AllMusic - Philip Van Vleck
Greeson's sophomore project for Earwig is a hot item. Greeson wrote every song on the album -- an extremely unusual accomplishment for a female blues singer -- and the material gives her the opportunity to showcase her stylistic range. Greeson fits right into the time-honored blues tradition of sultry women singing sexually charged tunes with a great deal of feeling. Her music is the hard stuff: late-night, roadhouse blues for adults. She can burn down a slow blues like "Those Kisses" with the same moxie as she belts out a hard-hitting Chicago blues tune like "Quit Doggin." Greeson has also written a very effective topical piece, "Walking on Eggshells," which addresses the touchy issue of spousal abuse. Her performance on "Reefer Woman" is a languid bit of naughtiness that is one of the highlights of the CD, as is her clever double-entendre tune "He Left It in His Other Pants." Greeson is a notable blues singer and a veteran of the Chicago club scene. This release has everything it takes to carry her reputation far beyond the Windy City.

2. -  Bill Milkowski – April 2000
A soul survivor on Chicago's blues scene for the past 17 years, singer-songwriter Liz Mandville Greeson melds gritty Chicago blues, groovy Memphis soul and Texas shuffles on Ready to Cheat (Earwig 4945; 56:32). A hearty vocalist with a naughty streak (she credits Mae West for inspiration), Greeson delivers with alluring heat on the rocking "Great Big Man" and the torchy "Those Kisses." She further spells out her nasty agenda on the Muddy Waters-ish "Reefer Woman," "Belly Rubbin'" and "Jim Beam" then flashes a wry sense of humor on "He Left It in His Other Pants." And she serves up a new Windy City anthem in the swaggering "Chi-Town," in which she calls out the names of local legends Tyrone Davis, Carey Bell, Koko Taylor and Buddy Guy. An urgent, earthy offering from a hip blues chick.

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