Shaver – Tramp On Your Street

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Track Listing:
1. Heart of Texas – 3:45   2. Oklahoma Wind – 4:33   3. Georgia on a Fast Train – 3:13   4. Live Forever – 2:49   5. If I Give My Soul – 4:18   6. Tramp On Your Street – 5:15   7. K.A.N.D., Corsicana, Texas – 0:49   8. Good Ol' U.S.A. – 2:43   9. The Hottest Thing In Town – 5:15   10. When The Fallen Angels Fly – 4:04   11. Take a Chance on Romance – 3:19   12. Old Chunk of Coal – 2:33   13. I Want Some More/Tenntex Tear Down – 7:16


1. AllMusic - Thom Jurek
Billy Joe Shaver's first recording in six years is a stunner. Partnering with his guitar-slinging son, Eddy, Tramp on Your Street is a rollicking yet intimate ride through the world Billy Joe-style. There are smoking country rockers that are brazen, raw, and in-your-face, such as the sizzling remake of "Been to Georgia on a Fast Train" (which is now the definitive version), "The Hottest Thing in Town," "I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal," and the blues-rock of "I Want Some More/TennTex Tear Down." There is the restless Bob Wills swing of "Good Old U.S.A." and the shuffling Texas stroll of "If I Give My Soul." And of course, in the title track, "When Fallen Angels Fly," and the Louvin Brothers-inspired "I'm Gonna Live Forever," there are the searing, completely naked lyrics of repentance, deliverance, and doubt that have been a part of Shaver's music form the beginning. Without them, the center would be missing. The big question for most is: Can Billy Joe rock at his age? The answer is that with Eddy beside him turning it up, he can not only rock, he can roll too. This is a partnership based on respect, tough love, and iconoclastic musical ideals. It's deep in the roots of the sill and even deeper in the Shavers' blood. Tramp on Your Street is a monumental return to recording for Billy Joe Shaver and a triumph of Eddy's musical direction and six-string skill.