Harmonica Shah Blues Band featuring Howard Glazer – Tell It To Your Landlord

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"I like my Blues raw, down in the dirt, making love with it" Harmonica Shah told me during the making of this CD. "I don’t like no clean Blues, whoever like it that’s fine, but that’s not what I want to hear", he told Living Blues magazine in a December 2001 interview. So raw blues it is then. 67 minutes worth of musical molten lava featuring Harmonica Shah’s hard driving harp combined with partner Howard Glazer’s muscular yet graceful guitar work. Throw in a back to the wall rhythm section and Shah’s timeless voice pulling sly, streetworn poetry out of the Motor City night air. What you end up with is an album that both stirs up the ghosts all along Hastings Street and testifies that Detroit blues is alive and well.

Track Listing:
1. Slow And Easy - 5:03   2. Welfare Shoes Blues - 4:26   3. Guilty - 8:14   4. Hey Detroit - 3:27   5. Mean And Evil - 5:00   6. I Heard You Was At The Casino - 7:29   7. Champagne (Cheap Bottle Of Wine) - 5:06   8. Baby, Scratch My Back - 3:57   9. Bumpity Bump - 5:18   10. Crying Michigan Tears - 6:09   11. Tell It To Your Landlord - 3:39   12. Someday - 8:57

Harmonica Shah (harmonica, vocals) , Howard Glazer (guitars) , Bob Godwin (bass) , Art 'Thunder' Vaughan (drums) , Charles Stuart (drums on track 9 & 12)

Artist Bio:
Harmonica Shah’s roots are planted firmly in three pivotal blues regions. The West Coast, where he was born in Oakland, CA. on March 31, 1946. The Texas badlands, where he spent time in his youth with his grandfather, guitarist/harpist Sam Dawson (whom Alan Lomax recorded) and his equally beloved and despised adopted hometown of the Motor City, deep in the industrial heartland. His beautician mother, set him up as a JET magazine salesman in the late 1950’s, which opened up both the doors of Oakland’s bars and clubs and the enterpising young Shah’s ears to the music of Lowell Fulson, Jimmy McCracklin, Juke Boy Bonner and Big Mama Thornton, all of whom he found behind those doors.

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