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Music Maker Relief Foundation (created by Tim and Denise Duffy) is a non profit organization which helps the true pioneers and forgotten heroes of Southern musical traditions to gain recognition and to make a living with their art. Today, many of these blues musicians are living in extreme poverty and need food, shelter, medical care, and other assistance.

Tim says : “Poverty is not unique - The music and the culture they spawned in this country have given birth to a recording industry making billions of dollars - There is not a popular style of music unaffected by the blues.”

In the last 15 years, the Duffys have helped and recorded nearly 100 blues musicians. They did a great job and saved a part of the American musical culture and history.

Track Listing:

1. Frank Edwards - My Baby’s Gone - 3:02   2. Algia Mae Hinton - My Baby’s Gone - 3:40   3. Neal Pattman - Shortnin' Bread - 5:35   4. Captain Cool And Cool John - Waiter - 3:36   5. Guitar Gabriel - Came So Far - 4:22   6. Neal Pattman - Talkin' About You Baby - 5:15   7. Pura Fe' - Wait 'Till' You - 4:20   8. Carl Rutherford - Long Black Limousine - 4:11   9. Cora Mae Bryant - Ticket Agent - 3:52   10. John Dee Holeman - Hambone - 2:21   11. Sol - Black Mattie - 3:53   12. Marie Manning - Hard Luck & Trouble - 2:30   13. Etta Baker - Johnson Boys - 1:55   14. Pura Fe' - Going Home - 5:58   15. Drink Small - Widow Woman - 4:05   16. Mudcat - Savannah Mamma - 4:29   17. Jerry McCain - Super Woman - 5:02   18. Samuel Turner Stevens - Railroadin' & Gamblin' - 2:39   19. Sweet Betty - Coffee Drinkin' Blues - 4:45   20. Jack Owens - Keep On Grumblin' - 2:32

1. Neal Pattman - Momma Whoopin' Blues - 2:47   2. Carl Rutherford - Last Handloader - 3:45   3. Mother Pauline & El. J Goins - Great Day - 4:52   4. Cootie Stark - Blues Around My Bed - 5:36   5. John Dee Holeman - Hello Central - 3:13   6. Little Pink Anderson - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean - 3:40   7. Mr. Q - We 3 - 5:35   8. Captain Luke And Cool John - Put On Your Red Dress - 3:52   9. Pura Fe' - Rise Up Tuscarora Nation - 6:08   10. Sol - Tribute To Gabe - 5:11   11. Guitar Gabriel - Hospital Blues - 3:57   12. Algia Mae Hinton - Buck Dance - 1:39   13. George Higgs - Greasy Greans - 3:09   14. Carl Rutherford - Flyin' High Walkin' Tall - 3:04   15. Branchettes - I Know I Have Been Changed - 3:38   16. Preston Fulp - I Shall Not Be Moved - 4:19   17. Essie Mae Brooks - Feel Like My Time Ain’t Long - 3:32   18. Cora Mae Bryant - I Saw That Man - 5:59


ERIC CLAPTON : “A fabulous project - real evidence that the music I have always loved is alive and well.”

B. B. KING : “I cannot encourage people enough to learn more about the Music Maker Relief Foundation and to listen to the music that they document and promote.”

TAJ MAHAL : “Music Makers clearly dispels the notion that real blues musicians are long gone.”

MORGAN FREEMAN : “Music Makers is a perfect complement to the exciting and promising resurgence in America’s roots music.”

BONNIE RAITT : “It’s great to have this window on some under-appreciated bluesmen and women...”

PETE TOWNSHEND : “A labor of love and honor for the blues, and all its loudly unsung old-timers.”

ROSANNE CASH : “Music Makers is an essential document of roots music in America. It is alive with the voices of these great musicians, and a pure pleasure to read and ponder.”

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