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"This is a valuable collection that demonstrates both Mack’s musical and creative talents. . . . An important document in the history of Chicago blues." - -Blues Beat magazine, fall 1999

"A solid CD . . . a CD that I’m sure you’ll enjoy and will return to often." - -Blues & Rhythm magazine, November 1999

Reached number 10 on Red Lick Records’ chart of best-selling blues CDs for Christmas 1999.

"Little Mack's ventures as a producer of his own and others' music is masterfully presented here by the wonderfully named Electro-Fi, who are properly re-establishing his reputation as an artist of note. . . . There should be something [on this CD] to suit anyone who ever professed to having a penchant for the blues. . . . Brilliant!" - Juke Blues magazine, Autumn 1999

"Features some energetic and tasty blues workouts from Simmons aided by Lonnie Brooks on guitar and the guest appearances of vocalist Arelean Brown (her ‘I’m A Streaker Baby’ is a knockout)." —The London Times entertainment supplement, January 29–February 4, 2000 "His music ranges from hardcore Chicago blues to astute soul covers with blistering harmonica work. Lovers of unvarnished soul and electric blues will want to check this one out." - Cadence magazine, January 2000

Track Listing:
1. You've Got to Help - 4:36   2. You're So Fine - 2:59   3. I'm a Streaker Baby - 3:55   4. Next Time You See Me - 2:39   5. The Same One - 4:40   6. Key to the Highway - 2:32   7. Cryin' the Blues - 2:50   8. Mother-In-Law Blues - 2:31   9. Impeach Me - 4:06   10. Messing With the Kid - 3:37   11. Mama Was Right - 3:32   12. Inflation Blues - 2:10   13. Chicken Man - 3:01   14. Rainy Night in Georgia - 4:07   15. Snap Your Fingers - 3:33   16. I'm Gonna Keep on Searching Till I Find Mine, Pt. 1 - 2:56   17. Skin Tight - 3:24   18. Blue Lite - 4:34

Lonnie Brooks (guitar) , William 'Dead Eye' Norris (guitar) , Detroit Junior ( piano, organ) , Robert Covington (bass) , Danny Ray Simmons (bass) , Billy Davenport (drums) , Willie Henderson (baritone sax) ,  Butterschotch (tenorsax) , Arelean Brown (vocals on 3,9,13) , Lee 'Shot' Williams (vocals on 9) , Fenton Robinson (vocals, guitar on 7)

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