Linda Clifford – Greatest Hits

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Those who were quick to malign disco because of the genre's excesses were oblivious to an important fact: not all disco was created equal. And in fact, when disco was mindful of its soul roots, the results could be thrilling. This was definitely true of Linda Clifford, a big-voiced diva who was among the most captivating singers of the disco era. The biggest hit song on this CD is the campy, Vegas-like "If My Friends Could See Me Now," which is enjoyable enough, but is far from her best offering. For better demonstrations of how captivatingly soulful Clifford could be, get into "Runaway Love," "Shoot Your Best Shot" and "Don't Give It Up" — all of which effectively combine disco's slickness and polish with the fire and intensity of classic soul music. Sadly, Clifford faded into obscurity after the disco era.

Track Listing:
1. If My Friends Could See My Now - 5:37   2. Don't Give It Up - 8:21   3. Runaway Love - 9:48   4. Red Light - 3:24   5. Shoot Your Best Shot - 6:46   6. From Now On - 7:04