Johnnie Taylor – Just Can’t Do Right

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Track Listing:
1. Crazy over You - 5:07   2. Only My Woman Can - 4:25   3. I Want Your Love - 4:11   4. Change Your Habits - 5:05   5. Guilty as Charged - 3:35   6. I Know It's Wrong, But I Just Can't Do Right - 4:49   7. Are You Lonesome - 4:54   8. What Kind of Man Do You Want? - 4:08   9. That's Just a Woman's Way - 4:45   10.   Country All the Way - 3:55

Johnnie Taylor (vocals) , Bill Hinds / Duncan Cameron (lead guitar) , Jimmy Johnson (rhythm guitar) , Clayton Ivey (keyboards) , David Hood (bass) , Harvey Thompson (tenor saxophone) , Jim Horn (baritone saxophone, bass saxophone, alto saxophone, flute) , Charles Rose (trombone) , Mike Haynes (trumpet) , Roger Hawkins (drums, percussion) , Dorothy Moore, Jewel Bass, Thomisene Anderson (backing vocals) , Steven Sigurosen (cello) , David Chappel / Debbie Spring (viola) , Geremy Miller / John DiPuccio / Jorge Orbon / Marion Myzko / Mei Mei Luo / Stuart MacDonald (violin)


1. AllMusic - Alex Henderson
Even when they aren't outstanding, Johnnie Taylor's '90s albums on Malaco are usually satisfying. None of his Malaco dates of the '80s and early to mid-'90s were weak or disappointing, and are at least worthwhile. (I Know It's Wrong, But I...) Just Can't Do Right doesn't qualify as one of Taylor's all-time best albums, but it's an above-average effort with many strong points. Whether going for a '60s-like Southern soul approach on "Guilty as Charged" and "Crazy over You," or a smoother, more Philly-ish '70s-type sound on the moving "Only My Woman Can," Taylor comes across as a seasoned soul man who uses decades of solid experience to his advantage. Though not essential, this is a CD that Taylor's more devoted fans will want.

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