The Claude Williamson Trio – Live At The Jazz Bakery

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Track Listing:
1. Introduction - 0:27   2. The Song Is You - 5:37   3. Blue Pearl - 5:56   4. I'm Old Fashioned - 7:54   5. Sub City - 7:05 6. Sure Thing - 7:49   7. Bud's Blues - 7:37   8. The Last Time I Saw Paris - 4:43   9. Reets and I - 7:45   10. Blues in the Closet - 8:34   11. Yesterdays - 4:55   12. Hallucinations - 5:58

Claude Williamson (piano) , Dave Carpenter (bass) , Paul Kreibich (drums)

Recorded at The Jazz Bakery, Los Angeles, on March 22, 1995
Recording engineer: Ray Veitia
Mastering engineer: Joe Sidore

Produced by Dick Bank
Executive producer: Jordi Pujol


1. AllMusic - Scott Yanow
Claude Williamson, an important survivor of the '50s, had previously recorded a tribute to the innovative Bud Powell in which he often sounded very close to the masterful pianist. Williamson, who originally developed his own sound out of the Powell style, remains a classic bebop pianist. This CD from the Spanish Fresh Sound label is a live set with bassist Dave Carpenter and drummer Paul Kreibich, both of whom are tastefully supportive and take occasional meaningful solos during this performance. Throughout the date, Williamson's style is often quite reminiscent of Powell's, and he even revives four of Bud's tunes: "Blue Pearl," "Sub City," "Bud's Blues" and "Hallucinations." The other selections (including an unaccompanied version of "Yesterdays") are songs that Powell also performed (including "Sure Thing," "Reets & I" and "Blues In the Closet").

And yet it is obvious while listening to this recital by the veteran pianist that Claude Williamson has something of his own to contribute. The music may be of vintage quality, but the improvisations have their surprising moments, and the result is a set that consistently swings up a storm yet is often lyrical and thoughtful. Plus, the extensive liner notes by Alun Morgan and producer Dick Bank are quite definitive. Highly recommended."