Salieu Suso – Griot

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The Jali, or musician, uses the kora as an accompaniment to narration and songs (often improvised) honoring great patrons and recounting historical events. It is the main instrument of a Mandinka Griot or Jaliba, who are traditional keepers of history, as well as being musicians and storytellers. 

Salieu Suso is a traditional Mandinka Griot from the Gambia, West Africa, He learned to play the kora when he was eight years old, and began his professional career by the age of fifteen. Since then he has played throughout Gambia and has traveled extensively, playing and promoting traditional Gambian music, and the repertoire of the kora. A personal and intimate performance by a master of the kora, certainly one of the most beautiful sounding instruments in the world. Produced by Geoffrey Sherrard and Amy Chen.

Track Listing:
1. Kuruntu Kallafa - 7:48   2. Jimba Sen - 12:30   3. Simbun Ba - 8:39   4. Siddy Yellah Yayan - 25:53

Salieu Suso (kora)