Harmonica Shah – If All You Have Is A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail


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Tired of “Blues Lite”? If so, then HARMONICA SHAH is your man with his unique brand of Deep Down in the Groove Blues showcased to maximum advantage on his third Electro-Fi release “If All You Have Is A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail”( EFI 3413). The Motor City Mojo Master is joined by Guitar Ace JACK DE KEYZER (Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks, Robert Gordon) on an album that explores the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of life in a city hit hard by the recession, tough as times are, the beauty of the Blues somehow manages to shine through in all of Harmonica Shah’s Street Wise song writing skills, soulful harp playing and 100 proof vocals. Produced by Blues Music Award winner Alec Fraser (Jeff Healey). “If All You Have Is A Hammer” firmly establishes Harmonica Shah as Detroit’s most influential Bluesman.

Track Listing :
1. Out Of The Highway - 3:14   2. I Wonder Why? - 4:52   3. Bumble Bee Man - 3:36   4. Nasty Brown Rat - 4:51   5. I've Got A Woman Black As Midnight Gold - 4:48   6. Stranded In Detroit - 4:51   7. Every Goodbye Ain't Gone - 4:28   8. If You Don't Leave, I'll Get Somebody Who Will - 4:05   9. Blues For Ford, Chrysler and G.M. - 3:54   10. Don't You Feel Like A Dog Covered In Ficas - 5:11   11. Boom Boom - 4:00   12. Duke And Queen Blues - 4:26   13. Cryin' Won't Help Me Now - 8:42

Harmonica Shah (vocals, harmonica) , Jack De Keyzer (electric and acoustic guitar) ,  Alec Fraser  (bass) , Al Cross (drums) 
Special Guest Julian Fauth (piano)
Recorded at Studio 92, Toronto on March 2nd & 3re, 2009


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