Harmonica Shah with Jack De Keyzer and Julian Fauth – If You Live To Get Old, You Will Understand


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After a busy Summer performing at John’s Carpet House in the Motor City and a memorable performances at the Pennsylvania Blues Festival with Detroit Guitar Ace CARLTON WASHINGTON, HARMONICA SHAH is back with another sonic sensation on Electro-Fi Records.
“If You Live To Get Old, You Will Understand” was recorded at the e-room in Toronto, this past June by Peter J. Moore (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Cowboy Junkies) and features Shah’s hand picked favorite studio players: Juno Award Winners JACK De KEYZER on guitar, JULIAN FAUTH on Piano, Blues Music Award winner ALEC FRASER on bass, and MapleBlues award winner BUCKY BERGER on Drums. The album was co-produced by Alec Fraser and Andrew Galloway.
The disc features 12 new Harmonica Shah tunes and is over an hour of the most unique, original,hyper-realistic and brilliant Blues music that you may hear this year, or any year!

Wow, hand me down my walkin’ cane. I’m staggered. What a Fantastic Album! This is authentic hard core Blues of the first degree, check the calendar is it 2015 or Chicago 1955?
Just the way Muddy Waters and the crew used to make them. Harmonica Shah’s wailing harp and raw vocals hold it all together. No compromise to modernity, the digital clock has been stopped. If played blindfolded you’d think this was Blues from the heyday of Chess Records. Jack de Keyzer’s guitar playing is a master class of Blues. Detroit’s Harmonica Shah is a star in my book and worth the attention of all Blues fans. Take a listen, you won’t be disappointed. - Fred Rothwell Blues & Rhythm magazine (U.K.)

Track Listing:
1. Baby, You Have Got To Change - 4:45   2. She Used To Be Beautiful - 4:37   3. Walk That Lonesome Road - 5:14   4. Two Legged Grey Mule - 3:59   5. She May Be Your Woman - 4:05   6. I Just Don't Want You No More - 6:48   7. Deep Down In The Dark - 5:51   8. Congratulations, That New Love You've Got Is My Wife - 4:48   9. My Babe Is On This Train - 3:36   10. You Don't Have To Have Liquor (To Be A Fool) - 4:29   11. Marry Who You Really Need - 5:13   12. If You Live To Get Old, You Will Understand - 7:27

Jack De Keyzer (guitar) , Julian Fauth (piano) , Alec Fraser (bass) , Bucky Berger (drums)
Recorded at the e-room in Toronto, June 2015 by Peter J. Moore (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Cowboy Junkies)
Co-produced by Alec Fraser and Andrew Galloway.

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