Jessie Legé & Edward Poullard – Live! At The Isleton Crawdad Festival

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Jesse Legé and Edward Poullard, are living legends of authentic Louisiana Cajun and Creole music. Jesse sings in the traditional high pitched, emotional style reminiscent of the late Iry LeJeune and plays the accordion with equal power and conviction. Edward Poullard is one of the few Creole fiddlers still carrying on in the tradition of the late Canray Fontenot.

Track Listing:
1. Quo Faire (Why?) - 4:33   2. Tolan Waltz - 4:11   3. New Crowley Two Step - 3:47   4. Ma Femme et Mes Enfants - 4:06   5. Won't Be Satisfied - 4:27   6. Vals de la Belle - 3:49   7. Misery Two Step - 2:22   8. Klfy Waltz - 3:58   9. Fe Fe Poncho - 2:49   10. Viens Me Chercher (Come and Get Me) - 4:29   11. Waltz of No Return - 3:55   12. Saturday Night Special - 4:13   13. Zydeco Sont Pas Salé - 5:46 

Jesse Legé (vocals, ccordion) , Edward Poullard (fiddle) , The Cajun All Stars: Billy Wilson (steel guitar) , Martin Jara (guitar) , Steven Strauss (bass) , David "Killer" Hymowitz (drums)


1. Blues Rag 
“Edward Poullard fired out the blade-sharp fiddle lines with the nonchalance of breathing…Jesse Lege heaves his shoulders around a wildly wheezing button-accordion, as befitting this card-carrying Cajun Music Hall of Famer and Cajun French Music Association’s ‘Best Accordion Player of the Year’…by the time that band hit their fire-breathing ‘Zydeco Sont Pas Sale’ encore, the crustaceous honorees at the Isleton Crawdad Festival weren’t the only things red hot and boiling over.”

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