Gashouse Dave – Woman In The White House

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Gashouse Dave, the cosmic poet from Hollywood, writes some stories about the human condition (love, hate, sex and power). His funky-jazzy Blues and his strange and incredible lyrics are totally new and different. In Gashouse Dave’s dreams, Michael Bloomfield jams with Tom Waits and Jimi Hendrix plays guitar with the loops of an acid-jazz combo. Words sound like Jules Verne and disturb like Edgar Alan. Gashouse Dave is the healer of our cosmic souls !

Track Listing:
1. Thirteen - 3:47   2. Married & Repossed - 4:41   3. It Mattered at the Time - 5:15   4. Mom & Pop Blues - 3:08   5. Allegory of Blue Haze - 4:27   6. Woman in the White House - 3:53   7. Weak Condition - 3:26   8. Hello Baby - 4:04   9. Studebaker Files - 5:06   10. Final Issue - 3:32

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