Gashouse Dave – Psyche Blues – The Complete Paris Field Recordings Of Gashouse Dave

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Gashouse Dave played bass and guitar with the late Mike Bloomfield for about four years, doing tours and recordings on the Takoma, Chrysalis and TK labels. While his music is rooted in the Blues, his lyrics and indeed, his entire vocal attitude, are steeped in the literary influences of writers such as Jack Kerouac, Raymond Chandler, William Carlos Williams and many others.

« Psyche blues » is a lot more rootsy than his previous stuff. On this album, Dave puts his very strange and poetic lyrics on a more classical and tipicaly bluesy frame. With this new opus we are between the electricity of a West coast blues venue and a dobro played in the coton fields.

Track Listing:
1. I Hear My Subway Comin' - 3:47   2. It's a Drag Always Being Right - 2:40   3. Blacktar Blues - 3:52   4. Valentino's L'amour Du Fumé - 3:54   5. Outlasting Our Promises - 5:21   6. Sunbath (Acoustic Version) - 2:47   7. White Sugar Blues - 2:49   8. Dry Point Sketch In Blue - 4:02   9. Taurus Unclaimed - 4:23   10. Crowfoot Meridian - 3:02   11. Three - 1:57   12. Sunbath - 2:42

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