Fred Chapellier & Friends – A Tribute To Roy Buchanan


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It was almost with awe that guitarist Fred Chapellier embarked on this vibrant homage to the genius of six-string guru Roy Buchanan. For this exploration into Roy’s repertoire, Fred sought the help of ace musicians—including Billy Price, longtime vocalist with the Buchanan band, Neal Black, Tom Principato, Miguel M., Gib Wharton and Lightfoot Rivet—while production chores were handled by none other than Jean Roussel, the man who produced one of Roy’s last effort, « You’re Not Alone ». A winner!

Track Listing:
1. High Wire - 3:17   2. I Can't Lose The Blues - 5:01   3. My Baby Says She's Gonna Leave Me - featuring Miguel M - 4:34   4. After Hours - 4:11   5. Blues For Roy - featuring Gib Wharton, Tom Principato - 6:14   6. Further On Up The Road - featuring Neal Black - 3:49   7. A Nickel And A Nail - featuring Billy Price - 5:02   8. Reelin' And Rockin' - 1:56   9. Beer Drinking Woman - featuring Leadfoot Rivet, Tom Principato - 4:17   10. The Chokin' Kind - featuring Miguel M . 4:04   11. That's What I'm Here For - 3:49   12. The Messiah Will Come Again - 4:25   13. Rockin' Roy - 2:26   Bonus Track: 14. That's What I'm Here For (instrumental) 3:47

Fred Chapellier (guitar vocals) , Abder Benachour (bass on 3, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14) , Kim Yarbrough (bass on 7) , Jean-Alain Roussel (keyboards, organ) , Loic Vincent (organ on 2,7) , Damien Cornélis (piano on 1,9) , Pat Machenaud (drums) , Baptiste Brondy (drums on 11,14)


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