Ike Cosse – The Lowdown Showdown

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Eight extra tracks from Ike’s rare first recording The Spot Is Hot! on this reissue. Ike Cosse is an authentic living bluesman living and breathing amongst us who is still working and playing… he’s the real deal.

I have heard old timers on the blues scene bemoaning the lack of the ‘real deal’ and staying at home, only listening to old records, even shutting down their fanzines in a huff! But if we only have one artist left like Ike Cosse then we have real, authentic bluesmen living and breathing amongst us. Most importantly, working and playing (when and where they are given the chance…).

If you have heard already tracks 9 to 16 then you are privileged. These tracks are from the self released album that Ike made to promote himself, called The Spot Is Hot. It might have very unfairly disappeared, but it at least got the deal with me that produced the album from which tracks 1 to 8 are taken – The Lowdown Throwdown.

So here is Ike’s earliest recorded work. This is bold stuff. Lyrics that are full of sly humour, self deprecating, ironic, reflecting street life and its travails, and generally just damn clever. The music is powerful blues mixed with an edge of funk and contemporary feels with a rolling swing too.
Ike’s guitar is powerful, but also always appropriate to the song and the groove.

How careless we are with talent in the blues scene to let this man languish and have to go back to a day job. He should have had festival bookers, agents and other labels beating a path to his door…

But, to 2018 and Ike is retired from work, older (check his new videos out on YouTube – doesn’t he just look the part… grown older more gracefully than me!

He’s touring and playing festivals again. He’s out there, let’s not miss out on this man having an ‘Indian Summer’ of a career because there is so much he has to offer. In fact, his new songs that I’ve heard are simply amazing, he’s still writing material that’s far more interesting than almost everything else on the scene today.

John Stedman

Track Listing:
1. Bang Bang Girls -   2. I Just Wanna Rent -   3. Dog Dang Shoot -   4. Hell To Pay -   5. When I Get Home -   6. My Baby’s So Cynical -   7. You’re The Man -   8. Hubba Bubba Brother -   9. Homeboy -   10. Enough Is Enough -   11. Hit The Road -   12. Feel Your Touch -   13. The Spot Is Hot! -   14. Explanation -   15. Cold World Blues -   16. Kickin Back With Slack

Ike Cosse (vocals, guitar) , Myron Dove (bass) , Cecil A. Daniels (drums on 1-8) ,  June Core (drums on 9-16) , Earl Slack (Hammond B-3 organ) , Big Bones (harmonica) , Charles McNeel (tenor sax on 1-8) , Sha-Ba-Ka (alto sax on 1-8) , Ron Lewis (tenor sax on 9-16) , Stacy Kay (tenor saxes 16) ,  Sid Morris (piano) , Dennis Dove (background vocals) , Pat A. Ross (background vocals on 1-8)

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