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There's a dangerous energy that is unleashed when a guitar finds its way into Don Griffin's hands, and the music is best savored with the level control on 11. This latest offering has the dynamic riffs and guitar breaks that the prior recordings offered, and apart from three covers ("Peter Gunn Medley" is cool to the point of frostbite), showcases his song writing abilities even further, while Don's voice has gotten deeper and darker. Johnny B. Gayden (is back) on bass and Patrick Doody on drums assure a tight rhythm and excellent musicianship. Yea, ya need to crank it up. This gang shows no mercy, but they are constantly entertaining and interesting.

Track Listing:
1. New Scene - 3:54   2. Gone Too Far - 5:00   3. Play It Loud - 3:31   4. See It My Way - 2:59   5. Since - 3:24   6. Found Out - 2:48   7. Mama - 4:03   8. Love Remains - 1:58   9. Big Leg Woman - 6:35   10. Long Distance Call - 7:30   11. Give It to You - 3:36   12. Peter Gunn Medley - 12:20

Don Griffin (vocals, guitar)

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