Memphis Slim – Nobody Loves Me

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Memphis Slim feat: Peter Chatman & His Washboard Band: 1. Diggin' My Potatoes No. 2 - 2:55   2. Miss Ora Lee Blues - 3:04   3. Blue Evening Blues - 2:51   4. Blues at Midnight - 2:46   Memphis Slim: 5. Beer Drinkin' Woman - 3:25   6. Grinder Man Blues [T1] - 3:13   7. Empty Room Blues - 2:57   8. Old Taylor - 2:48   9. I Believe I'll Settle Down - 3:12   10. Whiskey Store Blues - 3:00   11. Whiskey and Gin Blues - 2:49   12. Lend Me Your Love [T1] - 3:16   Memphis Slim & His Solid Band: 13. Mistake in Life - 2:51   14. Grinder Man Blues [T2] - 3:10   Memphis Slim: 15. Slim's Boogie - 2:46   16. Little Mary - 3:15   Memphis Slim & His House Rockers: 17. Rockin' the House - 2:51   18. Lend Me Your Love [T2] - 3:02   19. Darling I Miss You - 3:10   Memphis Slim: 20. Harlem Bound - 2:46   21. Nobody Loves Me [Everyday I Have the Blues] [T1] - 2:36   22. Nobody Loves Me [Everyday I Have the Blues] [T2] - 2:51   23. Help Me Some - 2:27   24. Blue and Lonesome - 2:42   Memphis Slim & His House Rockers: 25. Messin' Around - 2:53 


1. AllMusic - Steve Leggett
Memphis Slim bridged the gap between rural juke joint barrelhouse piano and the emerging uptown blues styles of the late '40s. This fine collection of 78s, recorded between 1940 and 1948 on a variety of small labels, illustrates what a fine singer and writer he was, in addition to showcasing his piano skills. The stately title track was written and originally recorded by Slim in 1948, under the title "Nobody Loves Me." Lowell Fulson covered it a few years later, changing its title to "Everyday I Have the Blues," and both B.B. King and Joe Williams had hits with it under that title in 1955. There are two versions of it included here, along with the joyful "Old Taylor" and "Blues at Midnight," which features the great Jazz Gillum on harmonica. Available at a budget price, this collection of early Memphis Slim classics is a wonderful buy and, combined with one of his later releases (like At the Gate of Horn), gives the measure of this fine musician.

2. La Hora Del Blues - 30.09.2009
Maestro entre maestros, pianista y cantante de enorme fuste y enjundia. Memphis Slim o Peter Chapman -su verdadero nombre-, nació en Memphis en 1915 y falleció en Paris, Francia en 1988, ciudad en la que vivió los últimos treinta años de su existencia. Pianista y cantante robusto y de gran solidez, Slim era tan poderoso cuando interpretaba los blues, como sutil y efectivo al atacar los boogie-woogies. Este disco contiene veinticinco piezas memorables, de auténtico museo, comprendidas todas entre los años 1940 y 1948, uno de los períodos más fructíferos y creativos de su larga y dilatada carrera. Entre los músicos que encontramos en estas grabaciones acompañando al maestro, mencionar a Washboard Sam, Alfred Elkins, Ernest Cotton, Willie Dixon o Ernest ‘Big’ Crawford entre otros. El repertorio se compone de clásicos como “Diggin’ My Potatoes”, “Miss Ora Lee Blues”, “Beer Drinkin’ Woman”, “Grinder Man Blues”, “Rockin’ The House”, “Slim’s Boogie”, “Blue And Lonesome” y muchas otras composiciones que seguro harán las delicias de todos aquellos que aman, respetan y añoran a todos aquellos grandes músicos que hicieron posible la historia del BLUES con mayúsculas, y de los que Memphis Slim fue uno de ellos. IMPRESCINDIBLE.

Master of masters, piano player of enormous talent, Peter Chatman, aka Memphis Slim, was born in Memphis in 1915 and died in Paris, France in 1988, where he was living for about thirty years. He was a reliable solid singer and piano player who displayed a powerful strength when he played blues and a subtle effectiveness when he performed boogie-woogie. The cd includes twenty-five notorious classic songs, belonging to one of his most fruitful creative periods of his wide musical career between 1940 and 1948.  Among some of the good musicians who backed him, only mention Wasboard Sam, Alfred Elkins, Ernest Cotton, Willie Dixon or Ernest ‘Big’ Crawford. Songs included on the cd are blues standards like “Diggin’ My Potatoes”, “Miss Ora Lee Blues” “Beer Drinkin’ Woman”, “Grinder Man Blues”, “Rockin’ The House”, “Slim’s Boogie”, “Blue And Lonesome” and some other ones that will certainly delight those of you who love, respect and miss all those great musicians who made possible the history of BLUES with capital letters and Memphis Slim was one of them too. ESSENTIAL.

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