Airbridge – Paradise Moves – LP


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Track Listing:
A 1. Sic Vita Pt.1   2. Rounddance   3. Paradise Moves (A Bridge In The Air)   4. With The Turning Of Centuries   5. Better Times   6. Sic Vita Pt.2
B 1. To Absent Friends   2. Wavelength   3. Night And Silence   4. More Than Just To Win   5. Visitation 

Lorenzo Bedini (guitars, keyboards, vocals) , Edward Percival (guitars, keyboards, vocals on A2,A3,B2) , David Beckett (drums, percussion, synth) , Sean Peter Godfrey (bass guitar, vocals on B5) , Arabella Bedini (flute on B4) , Steve Hall (drums, synth on B5)