Carl Arter – Song From Far Away – LP


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Carl was a 1940s contemporary in Pittsburgh of many musicians who left town and became international stars, including Ahmad Jamal, Mary Lou Williams and Billy Eckstine. An outstanding sax player who switched to piano in the 1960s, Carl chose to stay in Pittsburgh rather than to tour. Carl was a master of harmony, who taught many prominent musicians, including Stanley and Tommy Turrentine. This album features all original, intrumental tunes written by Carl, with him on grand piano accompanied by Leon Lee Dorsey and Dave Pello on upright bass, Andy Fite on electric guitar, and Ron Tucker on drums, with a guest appearance by renowned drummer Joe Harris on the live version of the title track.

Track Listing:
A. 1. Song From Far Away - 8:03   2. Waltz Black Danube - 6:33   3. Sure - 5:31   4. Relaxin' At Eileen's Zebra Room - 4:23
B. 1. Reginald - 5:02   2. Yarra - 6:05   3. Estelle - 6:28   4. Song From Far Away (Live Version) - 8:25