Dick Oxtot’s Golden Age Jazz Band with Diana Holmes


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For several decades and four record albums Golden Age Jazz Band was Dick Oxtot’s platform for a rotating roster of the Bay Area’s best revival jazz talent . . .

Track Listing:
A 1. I Never Knew Just What A Gal Could Do 2. Shreveport Blues 3. Sentimental Baby 4. In The House Blues 5. When You Wore A Tulip
B 1. Savoy Blues 2. Chattanooga Stomp 3. Send Me To The Electric Chair 4. What A Little Moonlight Can Do

Dick Oxtot (banjo) , Diane Holmes (vocals on A2,A4,B3,B4) , Jim Goodwin (cornet) , Bob Helm (soprano sax, jug) , Ray Skjelbred (piano) , Bob Mielke (trombone) , Bill Bardin (trombone) , John Moore (tuba) , Bill Napier (clarinet) , Jim Cumming (bass) , Pete Allen (bass) , Don Marchant (drums) , Bill Maginnis (drums)