Jay Gordon – 6 Strings Outlaw

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Once upon a time in the west.
Haunted outlaw : the no mercy guitar player is back with his howlin' and moanin' blues. Rory Gallagher's spirit and Johnny Winter's soul are still on his shoulder. A slide guitar with the sound of thunder, boogie shaking like a Jack Daniels barrel, Jay Gordon plays his six strings like a dragster full of TNT.

Track Listing:
1. Fire & Brimstone Boogie - 5:25   2. Let It Ring - 3:53   3. The Original Sin - 9:29   4. Freight Train - 4:26   5. Lost in Time - 4:01   6. Pain - 6:21   7. Juke Joint - 5:10   8. Propaganda - 3:48   9. Stretchneck Lill - 5:56   10. 47 Beers - 1:49   11 The Sky Is Crying - 17:17

Jay Gordon (guitar, slide, vocals, harmonica on 10) , John Schayer (bass guitar) , Lee Davis (drums on 1,3,5) , Johnny Walker (drums on 2,4,7,8) , Russ Greene (bass on 9,11) , Butch Black (drums on 11)


"This l.a. guitarist stands out, screams from the edge of a cliff, cranks the amps 'til the knob's come off, squash's effects peddle's beneathe his feet and play's insanely fast and hard before leaping, stratocaster in hand, into a flaming, boiling sea of Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter-- inspired licks..”
Bill Klisliuk/"Blue's Access"

“His finger's blaze across the strings, spewing out notes in rapid succession like an ak-47. his playing is as much a feat of athleticism as his musicality.”
Jim Fowler / "Los Angeles times"

“Not since Hendrix has a guitarist so infused rock'n blues with the spirit of adventure.”
G-man/rock city news (immedia wire service)

“An attack that is as high--energy and high octane as it gets--very riminicent of Jimi Hendrix in his most agressive work...there are very few competitors in this genre that'd hold their own against jay.”
A. Grigg "Real Blues magazine"

“Whoo--ee baby! grab the fire extinguishers; Jay Gordon, is loaded with fret/melting shred blues guitar work. His blues is brutal.”
"Blues Review"

“This L.A. blues guitar player is a guy who has everyone else just trying to keep up as he pulls off endless incendiary guitar solos.”
Bill Locey--"Los Angeles times"

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