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Marika Papagika: 1. Mandelena - 3:34     Achilleas Poulos: 2. Chakiji Zeibek - 4:22     El. Meleminlis: 3. Tsifte Telli - 3:20   Andonios Dhiamandidhis: 4. Huseini Manes - 3:19   E. Sophroniou "Vaggelakis': 5. Ballos Smyrneikos Me Mane - 3:12   Marika Papagika: 6. Aidhinikos Xoros (Dance from Aydin) - 3:44   Andonis Dalgas: 7. Zeimbekiko Melemenio - 3:29   Leopold Gad: 8. Piran Ta Frygana Fotia (The Neighborhood's Ablaze) - 3:00   Kostas Karipis: 9. Minore Manes, S'Afino Tin Kali Nychtia - 4:09   Andonis Dalgas: 10. Sousta Politiki - 3:19   Popular Orchestra: 11. Bournovalio - 4:07   Marika Politissa: 12. Melachrinoula (Dark Skinned Girl) - 3:14   13. Rast Zergile - 3:14   Rita Abadzi: 14. ZI Markopouliotissa (The Girl from Markopoulo) - 3:13   Róza Eskenázi: 15. Dzerkeza (The Circassian Girl) - 3:12   16. Gazeli Sabach, Sti Mavri Yi Chrosto Kormi (I Owe My Body to the ...) - 3:27   Efstrátios Payiomidizís: 17. San Eyriz' Ap' Tin Pylo (As I Returned from Pulos) - 3:32   Róza Eskenázi: 18. Mes' To Vathi Skotadhi (In the Deep Darkness) - 3:16   And. Kalyopouulos: 19. O Prezakis (The Junkie) - 3:10   20. Yiovan Tsaous - 3:37   21. Paraponiounde I Manges Mas (Our Manges Are -omplaining) 3:27   Stellákis Perpiniádhis: 22. Ego Thelo Prigipessa (I Want a Princess) - 3:08

CD 2:
Márkos Vamvakáris: 1. I Klostirou (The Mill Girl) - 3:25   Stratos Payioumtzis: 2. Zeimkekano Spaniolo - 3:30   Yiorgos Batis: 3. Thermastis (The Stoker) - 3:26   Rita Abadzi & Márkos :Vamvakáris: 4. San Ise Mangas Ke Dais (If You're a Mangas and a Real Hard Nut) - 3:23   Márkos Vamvakáris: 5. Kapote Imouna Ki' Ego (And I Was Once...) - 3:25   6. O Synachis (The Dope Sniffer) - 3:29   Yiorgos Batis: 7. Varka Mou Boyiatismeni (My Painted Boat) - 3:22   8. I Fylakes Tou Oropou (Oropos Jail) - 3:22   Márkos Vamvakáris: 9. Prepi Na Xeris Michani (You Gotta Know the Tricks) - 3:09   D. Gogos ‘Bayianderas': 10. Panta Me Glyko Hasisi (Always with Sweet Hashish) - 3:21   11. Hitan Anixi (It Was Springtime) - 3:13   Efstrátios Payiomidizís: 12. Manges Piaste Ta Vouna (Manges, Take to the Hills) - 3:16   13. Pende Manges (Five Manges) - 3:22   Anestis Dhelias: 14. Soura Ke Mastoura (Drunk and Stoned) - 3:34   Yiorgos Batis: 15. Taxim Athineiko Ke Zeimbekiko - 3:16   Stellios Keromytis: 16. Mes' Tou Vavoula Ti Gouva (In Vavoula's Hollow) - 3:19   Efstrátios Payiomidizís: 17. Ouzak-To Tragoudhi Tis Xentias (The Song of Exile) - 3:23   Stellios Keromytis: 18. I Moni Mou Parigoria (My Only Consolation) - 3:14   Michailis Yenitsaris: 19. Ego Mangas Fenomouna (It Shows I Was a Mangas) - 3:27   Márkos Vamvakáris: 20. Taxim-Zeimbekiko - 3:09   21. Olli I Rembetes Tou Dounia (All the Rembetes in the World) - 3:11   Stellios Keromytis & Stratos Payoumtzis: 22. I Baglamadhes - 3:10   Nikos Vrachnas: 23.  . Ithela Na' Moun Iraklis (I Wanted to Be Hercules) - 3:57  

George Katsaros: 1. Stis Syras To Aniforo (On the Hill in Syros) - 3:50   Yiannis Ioannidhis & Manolis Karapiperis: 2. Tout' I Batsoi Pou' Rthan Tora (Those Cops Who Were Here Just Now) - 4:22   K. Kistis: 3. Troumba - 4:05   Petros Kyriakios: 4. O Skylomangas (The Low Down Mangas) - 4:15   A. Kistis: 5. Me Pianoune Zaladhes (Dizziness Overcomes Me) - 4:20   Jack Grigoriou & S. Michelidhis: 6. To Minore Tou Deke - 4:06   Gus Dussas: 7. O Paraponiaris (The Grumbler) - 4:08   8. I Efmorfi Attaleia (Beautiful Antalya) - 4:09   Andonis Dalgas: 9. Echo Meraki Echo Dalga - 4:21   D. Evstratiou & Dimitris Philipopoulos: 10. To Yellekaki (The Waistcoat) - 3:19   Jack Halikias: 11. Raste Tou Deke - 3:57   Rita Abadzi: 12. O Vlamis Tou Psyri - 3:18   Róza Eskenázi: 13. Mas Kynigoun Ton Argile (They're After Our Argile) - 3:08   Yiorgos Karras: 14 Strive Logia (Leave Out the Bullshit) - 4:05   Rita Abadzi: 15. To Flidzani Tou Yianni - 3:13   16. Pane Yia To Prasso (They're Going "Dipping") - 2:53   Róza Eskenázi: 17. Ime Prezakias (I'm a Smack-Head) - 3:25   Anna Pagana & Stellákis Perpiniádhis: 18. Dhervisis Ke Anna (Anna and the Devish) - 3:10   Stratos Payoumtzis & Vassilis Tsitsánis: 19. To Proi Me Tin Dhrossoula (With the Early Morning Dew) - 3:16   Yiannis Deyaitas & Mike Patrinos: 20. Hadzimilousiko - 3:00   Jack Halikias: 21. Trikouverto - 2:50  

Rita Abadzi: 1. I Margarita - 2:58   P. Chrysinis & Stellákis Perpiniádhis: 2. Ola Ta 'Cho Varethi - 3:26   Stratos Payoumtzis & Stellákis Perpiniádhis: 3. Mikroula Pireotissa (The Girl from Piraeus) - 3:07   Stellákis Perpiniádhis: 4. I Magdhalo - 3:08   Stratos Payoumtzis & Stellákis Perpiniádhis: 5. Thelo Na Se Andamoso, Xaveriotissa - 3:13   Stellákis Perpiniádhis: 6. I Mikri Ap' To Passalimani (The Girl from Passalimani) - 3:11   Stratos Payoumtzis & Stellákis Perpiniádhis: 7. Vaggelitsa - 3:02   8. Se Fino Akroyiali (On a Fine Beach) - 3:23   Vassilis Tsitsánis: 9. Tatavilano (Dance of Tatavla) - 3:19   Yiorgos Kavouras: 10. Dhen Tha'rtho Peia Stin Kokkinia (I Won't Come Again to Kokkinia) - 3:13   Yiannis Papaiouannou: 11. Pali Mou Kanoun Proxenia (Again, They've Offered Me a Bride) - 3:23   Apóstolos Hadzichrístos: 12. Paliopedho (That's No Good) 3:20   Yiorgos Kavouras: 13. O Tsiggounis O Babas Sou (Your Old Man, The Miser) - 3:36   Yiannis Papaiouannou: 14. Vadizo Me Parapono - 3:22   Apóstolos Hadzichrístos & Márkos Vamvakáris: 15. Tha Se Klepso Tha Se Paro (I'll Steal You Away - 2:59   Stratos Payioumtzis & Vassilis Tsitsánis: 16. I Meraklidhes - 3:13   Apóstolos Hadzichrístos & Márkos Vamvakáris: 17. To Portofoli (The Wallet) - 3:11   Stratos Payoumtzis: 18. Opios Orfanepse Mikros (Whoever Is Orphaned Young) - 3:18   Márkos Vamvakáris: 19.. Manavissa Me Gaidhouraki (The Grocer Girl & Her Donkey) - 3:41   Stratos Payoumtzis & Stellákis Perpiniádhis: 20. O Serianis (The Stroller) - 3:08   Stellios Keromytis & Stratos Payoumtzis: 21. Tis Mastouras O Skopos (The Song of the High) - 3:15   Stratos Payoumtzis & Vassilis Tsitsánis: 22. Varka Yualo (The Boat Down on the Beach) - 3:16   Apóstolos Hadzichrístos & I. Stamoulis: 23  . Nea Vaggelitsa - 3:19  


1. AllMusic - Thom Jurek
Thanks to the crazy music fans at JSP in England comes this packed four-disc overview of rembetika, the true music of Greece's underworld. Rembetika has an interesting history. Its origins are not exactly known, and are traced back in various labyrinthine ways to the mid-19th century. In 1911, the word "rembetico" appeared on a record label, and the word was defined as being of "mildly erotic," bohemian content; it was used to describe such records through the mid-'20s. Beginning around 1925, the music's name changed and became associated most specifically with the underworld -- primarily because of music played in brothels, hash dens, prisons, and other generally criminal surroundings. It was raw, immediate, sometimes harsh and bawdy, other times noir-ish and seductive in a sinister way. The music listeners now consider true rembetika came into view after the Greco-Turkish war. It flourished between 1925 and 1937 when it was officially censored as immoral by the Metaxas government. The music lived, however, and went deeply underground; it surfaced again briefly around 1946 before it was once again censored. The instrument rembetika brought to Greece's popular consciousness was the bouzouki, though violins, ouds, hand percussion, and singing were all part of the rembetika experience. These four discs here are organized around various themes. The first one focuses on the music made in the golden years as the material developed into a bona fide recordable style as it emerged out from under the thumb of the Ottoman Empire. Singers such as Marika Papagika, Achilleas Poulos, Rita Abadzi, Stellákis Perpiniádhis, and Kostas Karipis are all featured on this slab. Disc two begins in 1932. Forced underground by the government, the music often the seamy side of life, more so since it is now the music of the "criminal" element. This is where the bouzouki and baglama come into prominence. Most of the performers here are male, and they make an impression with their swirling darkness and tales of lost love, drunkenness, power, violence, and grief. From the start, the bouzouki reigns supreme as Márkos Vamvakáris sings "I Klostirou (The Mill Girl)." Long intricate instrumental patterns dig into the lyric and assert themselves at the tune's nadir. Yiorgos Batis' "I Fylakes Tou Oropou (Oropos Jail)" is another punch in the gut as he sings with rage about his pain and isolation. Vamvakáris and Batis are featured on this disc many times, but their contributions make the listener desire more. Stellios Keromytis is also here, and his "I Moni Mou Parigoria (My Only Consolation)" is one of the this disc's highlights.
Disc three, entitled Dope, Dice, Guitars, Knives and Such, documents the criminal scene from 1928 to 1946. And some familiar names are here such as Jack Halikias, whose "Raste Tou Deke" was the first true rembetika hit to feature the bouzouki. Also included are wonderfully decadent tunes by George Katsaros, Róza Eskenázi, and Gus Dussas. The final volume in the set showcases the brief popularity -- above ground -- of rembetika. The big names in the scene are here, like Perpiniádhis, Stratos Payoumtzis, Yiannis Papaiouannou, and Apóstolos Hadzichrístos. But this is also the place where rembetika as a root music virtually disappears from the popular song scene, and goes so far underground that it almost -- almost -- ceases to exist. The rawness of the presentation returns, the narratives of erotic allure and tales of the forbidden go back into the shadows. JSP's documentation is superb. The notes are historical, with a different set for each volume, and the histories of performers, origins of terms, words, and a pronunciation guide are provided. Like the great blues collections, Rembetika: Greek Music from the Underworld is a treasure trove of the lost, forgotten, and dangerous. It's as soulful a documentary collection as you'll fine anywhere. 

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