Demi Evans – My America

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Demetrious Evans grew up in the heart of North Dallas in the 60’s. An unconditional fan of Nina Simone, she revendicates the militant and humanistic heritage. Demi propose an unclassable style of music that’s transparent and direct, with a surprising mix of southern soul and commited folk pop but she never forgets the gospel and blues which were the roots of her childhood in Texas. Recruited by a modeling agency, she financed her studies of acting by lending her silhouette to some of the most famous designers of america. After moving to New-York, Germany and Paris, she met Jean-Jacques Milteau (famous blues harp player) who put her immediately into his band. She released her first album " Why Do You Run " two years ago. Here is, now, her new album « My America », co-written with Fred Morisset and co-produced with Fred and Jean-Michel Kajdan (famous guitarist and Producer). Demi speaks about her vision of her country and the release is in the perfect timing with the election of new president Barack Obama.

Track Listing:
1. Breathing water - 4:19 2. Blues in pink - 5:00 3. Trouble in mind - 3:42 4. The next one's a train - 5:28 5. Speak the truth - 4:06 6. Too bold to be ashamed - 5:10 7. My America - 3:40 8. Don't cross your fingers - 3:30 9. Awake this morning - 3:48 10. See me bawling - 4:25 11. Journey to silence - 4:08 12. Living hands - 4:10
+ video program - 12:00

Demi Evans (lead vocals, bass, percussions) , Jean-Michel Kajdan, programming, bass, guitars) , Fred Morisset (guitar, keyboards) , Nicolas Noël (Fender Rhodes, organ, piano) , Dora Bailey (backing vocals) , Murielle Lefebvre (backing vocals) , Pierre Bertrand (saxophones, flute) , Michel Feugère (trumpet) , Philippe Georges (trombone) , Cedric Affre (drums)