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Atomicat Hootenanny is an end-of-year party stuffed with THIRTY high-octane rockers with all-year-round playability! The songs sourced are the not-so-over-reissued titles, and the bop until you drop rhythms are compelling to hear and will satisfy you from your ears to your feet! The album is aimed at the dancers there's; up-tempo white rock 'n' roll, shuffle feet rockabilly, stompin' rockin' blues, lady pleasing strollers, two hard-hitting instrumental rockers, and titles about alcohol. All of these are the embodiment of party-making music, the rest is up to you! Our albums have; stunning design, sleeve notes, songs mastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. Atomicat doesn't make an album of average music our philosophy is to compile songs of quality, with every album, it's a killer and no filler ideology! You are listening to music from the past with a remastered sound that will shake the speakers. Atomicat Records are often imitated, but never duplicated.

Track Listing
Gene Simmons: 1. Drinkin' Wine -   Eddie Carroll: 2. I've Got It Made -   Gene Lewis: 3. Crazy Legs -   Jeanie Allen and The Beavers: 4. I'm Your Slave -   Charles Senns: 5. Gee Whiz Liz -   Jimmy Witter: 6. If You Love My Woman -   Charlie Feathers: 7. Jungle Fever -   Johnny Devlin with The Devils: 8. Big Green Car -   Billy Lee Riley: 9. Is That All To The Ball Mr. Hall -   Mac Sims: 10. Drivin' Wheel -   King Charles: 11. Bop Cat Stomp -   Sammy Cotton: 12. Give Me One More Drink -   Lenny Johnson: 13. Walk Ginny Walk -   Guitar Red: 14. Just You And I -   Junior Wells: 15. Two Head Woman -   Jimmie Newsome: 16. I'm Afraid I Love You -   Tommy Lamonte: 17. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah -   Jimmy Daley: 18. Hole In The Wall -   Douglas Cornell: 19. Hey Cool -   Betty McQuade: 20. Tongue Tied -   Bob Williams: 21. My Goose Is Cooked -   Don Guess: 22. Shir-Lee -   Lue Cazz: 23. The Walk -   Sammy Early: 24. I'm Gonna Find Me A Girl -   The Rialtos with Freddie Thomas: 25. Like Thunder -   Gabe Dean: 26. Slop And Stroll Jolie Blonde -   The Cyclones: 27. Say What? -   Mel Dorsey: 28. Little Lil -   Elmer Parker: 29. You Know I Love You -   Square Walton: 30. Bad Hangover -