Austin Lounge Lizards – Never An Adult Moment

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Track Listing:
1. Grunge Song - 2:34   2. Hillbillies In A Haunted House - 4:35   3. Forty Years Old And I'm Livin' In My Mom’s Garage - 3:23   4. Rasputin’s HMO - 2:55   5. A Hundred Miles Of Dry - 3:07   6. Big Rio Grande River - 4:17   7. The Illusion Travels By Stock Car (Petty/Buñuel) - 3:30   8. Big Ol' Bone - 3:03   9. The Me I Used To Be - 2:56   10. Waitin' On A Call From Don - 3:02   11. The Beautiful Waitress - 3:13   12. Asheville / Crashville - 2:43

Conrad Deisler (lead vocals, guitar, mandolin, vocal harmony) , Richard Bowden (fiddle, mandolin, vocal harmony) , Hank Card (vocals) , Tom Pittman (pedal steel, banjo, harmony vocal) , Boo Resnick (bass, crash cymbal, harmony vocals) , Paul Pearcy (drums, chimes, percussion) , Marcia Ball (piano) , Lex Browning (fiddle, bass, guitar, vocal harmony, vocals) , Glover Gill (accordion)


1. AllMusic - Steven McDonald
One of the more enjoyably bent elements of country music, the Lizards have a habit of being a bit too scattershot for their own good. This set is, therefore, pretty much typical for them, despite the inclusion of "Hillbillies in a Haunted House," with a way too late parody in "Grunge Song," a thematic repeat in "Forty Years Old and I'm Livin' in My Mom's Garage" (which is little more than a continuation of "Wrong End of the Gene Pool"), and so on. However, not all is lost: "Rasputin's HMO" is priceless, "Big Rio Grande River" is a gem of a parody of Tex-Mex and Marty Robbins, and "The Illusion Travels By Stock Car," which mixes Richard Petty with Luis Bunuel, qualifies for the most surreal country song ever recorded. Cumulatively, this is not the best Austin Lounge Lizards effort, but it has more than its share of good moments.

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