The Ashley Hutchings All Stars – As You Like It


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Track Listing:
1. Cajun Woman- 3.18   2. Don't Trust the Girl Who's in Love With a Horse - 3.26   3. My Bonny Boy - 4.55   4. Pat Nevin Flew in on a Wing and a Prayer - 4.54   5. Knights of the Road - 3.43   6. Run-down Heroes - 2.35   7. I Just Got Off the Plane -3.28   8. Ninety Miles an Hour - 4.36   9. Marling Jig - 3.09   10. The Electric Guitar is King - 4.42   11. I Can't Dance - 5.50

Polly Bolton (vocals) , Clive Gregson (vocals) , Ashley Hutchings (vocals, bass guitar) , John Shepherd (keyboards) , Pete Zorn (saxophone, guitar, percussion) , Dave Mattacks (drums, percussion) , Kimberley Rew (guitar on 8-11) , Bill Zorn (vocals on 1-2,11)


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