The Albion Band with Chris Baines – The Wild Side of Town


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The great strength of Ashley Hutchings and the Albion Band has always been in marrying the voices of our largely rural past to the innovative sounds of new urban music. They have created a style which has always been a beacon for anyone with a love of British traditional music - be they performers or audience. Chris Baines felt the Albion Band were the ideal musicians to write and perform the music for his TV. series, The Wild Side of Town, since he too is trying to bring the best of traditional British countryside into the spaces of our modern towns and cities.With this album, Ashley, Chris and the Albion Band have combined their talents to create all these new songs which celebrate the wildlife that lives in towns, highlighting the pressure it is under in a very inspiring way.

Track Listing:
1. Bird-Watching - 4:20   2. Harvest Anthem - 3:08   3. Laura’s Song - 2:45   4. Butterfly Galliard - 3:00   5. I Was The Child - 4:05   6. Another World In The Night - 3:27   7. Fox On The Rails / Dance Of The Starlings - 3:10   8. Woodlands Of England - 4:05   9. See This Lake, Son? - 2:07   10. My Beautiful Bomb Pit - 4:00   11. Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer - 5:15   12. Tomorrow's Too Late - 4:00   13. Why Have You Stolen Our Earth? – 4:07

Cathy Lesurf (vocals,bodhran, tamborine) , Phil Beer (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, vocals) ,  Eric Hine (keyboards) , Ashley Hutchings (bass) , Trevor Foster (drums, percussion) , Chris Baines (vocals, spoons) , Bill & Pete Zorn (backing vocals) , Paul Nieman (trombone) , Andy Grappy (tuba) , Pete Whyman (clarinet) , Steve Waterman (trumpet)



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