Csokolom – May I Kiss Your Hand

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Hungarian and Gypsy fiddle music and songs.

This band is exciting! Led by accomplished, charismatic and daring fiddler Anti von Klewitz, Cskólom combines the traditions of Hungarian, Gypsy and Balkan village dance music to come up with unique yet traditional musical style. The band features a white-hot mix of two, and sometimes three, violins and a string bass along with Anti's energetic vocals. They have been building their reputation in the clubs, concert halls, and festivals all over Europe and will be making their second trip to America to support the release of this album.

Track Listing:
1. Amari Szi, Amari (She Is Ours, She Is Ours) - 3:05   2. Kaltotaszegi Legényes (In C Minor) - 2:36   3. Medved Na Lancu (The Bear on the Chain) - 1:44   4. Lulu-Valse - 1:54   5. Feljött a Nap (The Sun Has Risen) /Romanian Dance #4 - 4:56   6. Nu Face Bine (I'm Feeling Bad) /Romanian Hora - 3:23   7. Szerelem (Love Is a Curse) /Lörincreve (In A) - 5:18   8. Mori Shej, Sabina (My Daughter, Sabina) - 4:59   9. Gankino Horo - 3:53   10. Mysterieuse (Valse Musette) - 3:14   11. Anii Mei (Years of My Life) - 3:36   12. Dance from Gyimes - 4:41   13. Eddig Vendég (Up to Now) - 3:24   14. Keserves (A Transylvanian Lament) /Székelyföldy - 4:23   15. Kalotaszegi Legényes (In F) - 2:35   16. Cinege (Little Bird) - 4:25   17. Szatmári/Csókolom/Szatmári - 3:47   18. Amari Szi, Amari - 4:13   19. Jánoska/Szatmári - 3:51   20. Lörincreve (In G) - 2:46

Anti von Klewitz (violin, viola & vocals) , Gregor Schäfer (double-bass) , Sander Hoving (violin, viola & kontra) , Anneke Frankenberg (violin)


1. East Bay Express - Duck Baker
“The driving force of this unique group is fiddler/vocalist Anti von Klewitz, whose background in Gypsy and Eastern European music has been enhanced by jazz studies (with no less than Coltrane colleague Reggie Workman). The Approach is rooted in Gypsy and Hungarian traditions but extended by sharp musical intelligence tempered with vision and humor, beyond which is a deep soulfulness that gives the music an edge that cuts like a knife. Von Klewitz’s direct, expressive vocals grab you immediately, but there’s something about the group chemistry with bassist Gregor Shäfer and fiddlers Sander Hoving and Anneke Frankenberg that forestalls intellectual 'appreciation' and evokes a visceral response. I think I’m in love, and you will be too when you hear this wonderful release.”

2. AllMusic - Richie Unterberger
Subtitled "Hungarian & Gypsy Fiddle Music and Songs," Csókolom's May I Kiss Your Hand is a more eclectic and swinging release than most such recordings, including both instrumental and vocal workouts on traditional numbers (as well as Béla Bartók's "Romanian Dance #4"). Gregor Schäfer's jazz-derived double-bass makes this more approachable to non-tradition-bound listeners than much Eastern European fiddle music, giving it a rhythmic pulse; Anti VonKlewitz's low vocals have an interesting spontaneous and worn quality.

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