Lil Ed & Dave Weld – Keep On Walkin’

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Two acoustic guitars strummin and two feet tappin' open Lil Ed and Dave Weld's Keep on Walkin'. The song, Ed's North Carolina Bound, sets the tone for half of this magnificent album. The other half explodes forth with the electric blast of Combination Boogie. And so it goes throughout as these longtime partners alternate acoustic duo performances of raw Delta blues and full-band workouts in a variety of styles. Lead vocal and guitar chores are generally handled by the man who wrote the song, with eight for Ed and six for Dave. Their vocals and guitar playing complement each other perfectly; both possess deep, hard-driving voices. - Bluesprint

Lil Ed and Dave Weld's Keep on Walkin' boasts some outstanding guitar work (including lots of screaming slide) from both featured artists, as well as some effectively gritty singing from Ed... Ed and Weld are at their best when they let their guitars do the talking. - Illinois Entertainer

Track Listing:
1. North Carolina Bound - 4:58   2. Combination Boogie - 3:20   3. I'm Not a Slave - 4:21   4. Confess Diane - 6:18   5. So Long So Long - 3:08   6. Let's Boogie Baby - 2:27   7. Lonely, Lonely (When Evening Comes) - 5:29   8. Too Late Baby - 5:38   9. New Year's Resolution - 3:12   10. Sweet Shiny Brown Eyes - 3:43   11. I Can't Have Nothin' - 4:48   12. Keep on Walkin' - 4:00   13. Set My Sight on You - 2:35   14. North Carolina Bound - 4:58

Dave Weld (vocal, lead, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, background vocals) , Lil Ed Williams (vocal, lead, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, background vocals) , Bernard Reed (bass) , Jeff Taylor (drums, background vocals on 2,5,10,13) , Jasper Buchanan (piano, organ, background vocals on 2,10) , Darryl Mahon (drums, backing vocal on 8) , Leo Davis (piano Hammond organ on 8) , Andrew Bird (violins on 8) 


1. AllMusic - Scott Yanow
Lil Ed Williams and Dave Weld have complementary styles. The pair of blues singer-guitarists learned slide guitar from J.B. Hutto (Williams' uncle) and they are equally skilled playing acoustic and electric blues. In fact, with the exception of the pop ballad "Too Late Baby" which is from 1944 and utilizes different personnel than the rest of the CD, this set mostly alternates acoustic and electric numbers by the Imperial Flames, a quintet. The co-leaders split the vocals and the guitar solos equally and are not only strong soloists but adept at backing each other. Due to impressive variety and high musicianship, the often-exuberant set is highly recommended to blues fans.

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