Various – The Story Of Piano Blues – From The Country To The City

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All ten of the artists featured on this new Wolf Records’ release had different levels of success and accolades through their careers, yet share similar upbringings and stories. They honed their chops out of necessity in labor camps, house parties and juke joints – synthesizing individual styles that cannot simply be classified as “Blues,” as their music also incorporates Boogie, Jazz and Gospel. They came from rural communities but brought their talents to the city, where they helped to define the Blues scenes in Chicago, Memphis and Houston. And just as they were influenced by the phantom performers of a pre-war era, they too have influenced many legends of 60s and 70s Rock N’ Roll. So if you are a fanatic, enthusiast and archaeologist of music such as me, you will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the unique piano styles found on these 20 amazing and thoroughly enjoyable tracks of pure Blues and Boogie Woogie.

Track Listing:
Pinetop Perkins: 1. Five Long Years - 4:01   Henry Gray: 2. Cold Chills - 4:13   James Crutchfield: 3. Sittin On Top of the World - 5:27   Abie "Boogaloo" Ames: 4. Tommy Dorsey's Boogie Woogie - 3:17   Jimmy Walker: 5. Come On, Get Your Morning Exercise - 5:20   Pinetop Perkins: 6. Everyday I Have the Blues - 3:55   Robert Shaw: 7. The Cows - 2:36   Henry Gray: 8. Blues Won't Let Me Rest - 4:01   Abie "Boogaloo" Ames: 9. After Hours - 3:55   Mose Vinson: 10. Good Morning Memphis - 2:16   Big Joe Duskin: 11. If You Want To Be My Woman - 4:21   Pinetop Perkins: 12. Kansas City - 4:48   Booker T. Laury: 13. Big Legged Woman - 3:57   Henry Gray: 14. When My First Wife Left Me - 4:28   Pinetop Perkins: 15. Kidney Stew - 4:01   Big Joe Duskin: 16. Key To the Highway - 4:10   Jimmy Walker: 17. I Had Lots of Troubles - 2:22   Booker T. Laury: 18. You Can Go Your Way - 3:54   Detroit Junior: 19. Call My Job - 4:00


1. - 2014.03.31
El piano en el blues es probablemente el instrumento más sofisticado, por aquello de que era más un instrumento de ciudad que de campo, especialmente durante los primeros años del siglo XX y en el sur de los Estados Unidos. Por el contrario la guitarra o la armónica eran instrumentos que solían tocar más los campesinos o iletrados vagabundos. Los pianistas de honky tonk de los juke joints, baretos, prostíbulos o garitos de mala nota y de mala muerte consiguieron transformar ese instrumento que provenía de la cultura europea y de un estilo de música seria y señorial, en un instrumento mucho más mundano y popular. En este disco nos encontramos con diez pianistas, algunos más conocidos que otros, pero todos ellos dotados de un espíritu, una intensidad y un duende magistral en todas y cada una de las aportaciones que realizan en el álbum. Son un total de diecinueve temas que corren a cargo de diez cantante y pianistas fuera de serie, auténticos y sorprendentes, como son Pinetop Perkins, Henry Gray, James Crutchfield, Jimmy Walker, Robert Shaw, Boogaloo Ames, Mose Vinson, Big Joe Duskin, Booker T. Laury y Detroit Junior. Un disco que no tiene desperdicio por su autenticidad histórica y que recoge fielmente un estilo actualmente casi extinguido. IMPRESCINDIBLE. 

The piano in blues is probably the most sophisticated instrument, because it was more an instrument played in cities than in the countryside, especially during the early years of the twentieth century and in the south of United States. On the other hand, guitar or harmonica used to be more often played by farmers or illiterate wanderers. Honky tonk piano players at juke joints, barrelhouses, brothels or run down bad note clubs changed the concept of an instrument that came from the European culture and a refined style of music, to a much more joyful and popular instrument. This album gathers ten pianists, some better known than other ones, but all them gifted with an unbelievable spirit, a passionate intensity and a charming knowledge in each and every one of all songs included in the album. Nineteen cuts performed by ten genuine and exceptional singers and piano players like Pinetop Perkins, Henry Gray, James Crutchfield, Jimmy Walker, Robert Shaw, Boogaloo Ames, Mose Vinson, Big Joe Duskin, Booker T. Laury and Detroit Junior. An album that does not have a single bad note on it that faithfully shows with historical authenticity, a musical style that nowadays has almost disappeared. ESSENTIAL.

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