Paul Kahn – These Ears And Eyes

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Track Listing:
1. Bigger Than My Heart - 3:05   2. Lovin You Way Too Much - 3:23   3. These Ears and Eyes - 2:50   4. Little Drops of Water - 2:40   5. Bear of Orcas Island - 4:46   6. November - 4:44   7. Second Hand Smoke - 2:01   8. Ginger Lee - 3:43   9. Marmalade - 2:37   10. Mr. Blues - 3:19   11. The Wayward Daughter - 3:51   12. Shinnecock Canal - 3:18

Paul Kahn (guitars, vocal) , Richard Bunn (bass, tuba) , Morris Jennings (drums) , Luke Nelson (piano) , Willy Schwarz (accordion) , Alan Waters (percussion) , Stuart Rosenberg (violin, keyboards, mandolin) , Donald Stiernberg (guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo) , Richie Fudoli (soprano & tenor saxophone) , Audrey Morrison (trombone) , Harris Thorpe"Chip" Covington IV (5string banjo)


1. AllMusic - Tom Schulte
In the '30s and '40s, traveling minstrel guitarist brought news, comedy, and drama to scattered American towns. Kahn tells stories like Dave Van Ronk and shares satire like Patrick Sky. Paul Kahn could have walked off a traveling medicine show and into a modern studio. Actually, instead of selling snake oil, this former string bassist for Béla Fleck's Tasty Licks has been running Concerted Efforts. There he books and manages roots artists -- also, as Paul Bernard, writing songs for C.J. Chenier and Eddy Clearwater. These Ears and Eyes is all-original material in the finest Americana traditions of country-blues, ragtime, and folk. "The Wayward Daughter" tells the personal side of a courtroom drama better than a newspaper ever could. "Marmalade" is a fun praise of a favored condiment. "Lovin' You Way Too Much" is in a Southern style and is a poignant telling of love lost -- the root of the best ballads.