Sala Brothers

13,50 6,05

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Track Listing:
1. Life’s Loves - 6:12   2. Our Time Has Come - 3:12   3. A Moment in Time - 8:10   4. There Will Never Be Another You - 3:27   5. After the Clouds - 7:23   6. Get off My Back - 3:32   7. 52nd Street - 7:17   8. Life’s Walk - 9:29

Joe Sala (trumpet) , Tom Sala (drums, percussion) , John Beasley (piano) , David Goldblatt (keyboards, synthesizers) , Bob Harrison (acoustic bass) , John Pena (electric bass) , Joe Rotondi (keyboards, synthesizers) , Phil Upchurch (guitar synthesizer, guitar)


1. AllMusic - Alex Henderson
Excessive hype is always a major turnoff, and JTS didn't do the obscure Sala Brothers any favor by exalting them as "the most major force to enter the music scene in many years." When such exaggerated hype is used, cynics are likely to run for cover instead of giving the artists a chance. But while this self-titled debut album didn't change the course of jazz history or set the world on fire, it is decent and shows that trumpeter Joe Sala and his brother, drummer Tom Sala, had potential. Tom definitely swings, and Joe's sound is attractive -- although his big, fat tone is out of the Clifford Brown/Fats Navarro/Lee Morgan school of trumpeting, he has also been influenced by Miles Davis' use of space. The siblings are fairly unpredictable -- while they get into straight-ahead hard bop on "A Moment in Time," "52nd Street," and the warhorse "There Will Never Be Another You," a jazz-funk outlook defines "Get Off My Back." Meanwhile, pop-jazz tunes like "After the Clouds" and the Gato Barbieri-ish "Life's Loves" have a lot of NAC appeal without being wimpy or mindless -- in fact, you could describe those songs as "smooth jazz with a brain." This diverse CD isn't the work of "the most major force to enter the music scene in many years", but it's enjoyable and is worth searching for.