Various – Powerhouse Gospel On Independent Labels 1946 – 1959 – 4CD

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Pilgrim Singers, Silvertone Quintet, Kansas City Soul Reviewers, Jackson Gospel Singers, Blair Gospel Singers, Rosetta Winn & Her Tornadoes, Norfleet Brothers, National Clouds Of Joy, Dixie Nightingales, Blind Wonders Of Washington DC, Drexall Singers, Ethel Davenport, Saints Of Glory, Southern Echoes, Rising Sun Gospel Singers, Ida Hayes & The Mello-Tones and many more...

In the years following World War Two, gospel records were in short supply due to recording bans caused by the major record companies' troubles with the musicians union. Small independent labels like Songs Of The Cross, Octive, Lamp, Gotham, Nashville, Red Robin, Lenox, JOB, JVB and Fortune, who had no truck with the unions, quickly moved in to take advantage of the gap in the market and released a massive amount of product from some tremendous unheralded gospel talent. During the forties and fifties they recorded everything from jubilee singers and gospel quartets to close harmony groups and the gospel shouters who were to have such an influence on later soul stars like James Brown, Don Covay and Wilson Pickett - and this glorious music is what you'll find crammed inside this 4CD box set.

There's not a single performance here that isn't fabulous and, although there isn't space to write all I could about this stuff, I do have to mention the Kansas City Soul Revivers' Jesus Came At Midnight with it's lolloping rhythms and devilish bass lines swirling around the terrific vocals and the Spiritual Wonders' You Got To Move which jumps right out of the speakers thanks to the terrific chonking beat supporting the full-blooded, fiery vocals. Then there's the unidentified quartet that sings I Look Back Down The Road And Wonder. They open in a tremulous, wailing mood and then proceed to rip the roof off with their barely controlled chilling screaming vocals. They are equalled in intensity by Nellie Lynn & The Sons Of Harmony on their insistent vocal harmony gem If Jesus Had To Pray and I love the choppy guitar sound on The Friendly Brothers Need Jesus On My Journey with it's soaring Sam Cooke style attack.

I've discovered new heroes here too - like Rev HB Crum who must have had a pair of lungs the size of South Carolina judging by his performance on Do You Know Me Thomas, and The Soul Satisfiers Of Philadelphia, whose house-wreckin' call and response vocals on Run On Home And Live With God lay goose pimples on your goose pimples.

Then there's the terrifying power of the preachers and their congregations that appear on the fourth disc. They wail out some wonderfully scary stuff including the stupendous lining hymn Lord I Cannot Live In Sin by Deacon Leroy Shinault with his followers in Chicago, then Rev Charles Beck out in Buffalo, NY gets indignant about the youth of the day in his Rock And Roll Sermon while, almost perversely, the backing band plays some of the rocking-est music on the entire box set!

Compiler Louis Opal Nations has done a terrific job in sorting out the wheat from the chaff, selecting the very best examples of some of the most thrilling, emotion packed music in America's history. There's no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best gospel sets ever issued. 

Track Listing:

Pilgrim Singers: 1. The Glory Land - 2:18   Silvertone Quintet: 2. Stand By Me - 3:01   Spiritualaires of Columbia: 3. Lay This Body Down - 2:29   Soul Satisfiers of Philadelphia: 4. I'm His And He's Mine - 2:36   Kansas City Soul Revivers: 5. Jesus Came At Midnight - 2:38   Sister Rosa Shaw: 6. He Rolled The Stone Away - 2:50   The Camp Meeting Choir: 7. Working On The Building - 2:17   Jackson Gospel Singers: 8. I Can't Walk This Highway - 2:58   The Mello-Tones: 9. Send Me - 2:54 The Evening Star Quartet: 10. I'm A Witness- 2:28   Unidentified Quartet: 11. I Look Back Down The Road And Wonder - 3:11   Pilgrim Singers & Sister Elizabeth Phillips: 12. In The Kingdom With The Lord - 2:56   Blair Gospel Singers: 13. I've Been Moaning In The Valley So Long - 2:29   Harmony Four Singers; 14. Leaning Independent - 2:59   Evangelist Sister Rosetta Winn & Her Tornadoes: 15. Building On The Good Shore - 2:49   Rev. H.B. Crum & The Mighty Golden Keys: 16. I Wanna Be Ready - 1:39   Flying Clouds Of Detroit: 17. When They Ring Those Golden Bells - 3:02   The Skylight Singers: 18. I Need Thee - 2:49   Tommiettes Gospel Singers: 19. Have You Been Through The Water - 3:52   The Norfleet Brothers: 20. None But The Righteous - 2:19   Spiritual Kings: 21. A Letter To Jesus - 2:22   Hightower Brothers: 22. He That Believeth In Me - 2:56   The Spiritual Wonders: 23. You Got To Move - 2:38   Trenton Singers: 24. I Shall Know Him, Pt. 2 - 2:48   Bessie Griffin: 25. Heaven's Radio - 2:45   National Clouds of Joy: 26. Somebody Touched Me - 1:52   Spiritual Five: 27. I'll Carry My Burden - 2:22

Ollie Nightingale & The Dixie Nightingales: 1. Living For My Jesus - 2:49   Spiritual Five: 2. I Don't Have To Worry - 2:38   Silvertone Quartet: 3. It's Gonna Rain - 2:47   McCauley Spiritual Singers: 4. Jesus Gave Me Water - 3:27   Nova-Tones: 5. Down Here - 2:39   Kindly Shepherds: 6. Climbing Higher Mountains - 2:33   Kansas City Soul Revivers: 7. I Don't Need No One Else - 2:24   Soul Satisfiers of Philadelphia: 8. Run On Home And Live With God - 2:48   Harmony Four Singers: 9. Testimony - 2:47   Gospel Silhouettes: 10. Rock In A Weary Land - 2:10   The Mighty Gospel Giants: 11. There'll Be A Perfect Day - 2:03   McCauley Spiritual Singers: 12. Jesus Said Live Holy - 2:23   Blind Wonders Of Washington DC: 13. Night Prayer - 3:15   Spiritual Harmonizers: 14. Wait On The Lord - 2:46   Rev. H.B. Crum & The Golden Keys: 15. Do You Know Me Thomas - 1:47   Mello-Aires of Rochester: 16. Take Your Burdens There - 3:25   Hazel Chapman & The Golden Harmonizers: 17. I'm Going To Die With A Staff In My Hand - 3:10   Saints of Glory: 18. Jesus Knows - 2:48   Spiritual Five: 19. I've Been Born Again - 3:07   Spiritual Four: 20. Waiting - 2:26   Versatile Acapella Choral Group of Chicago: 21. You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley - 3:25   The Norfleet Brothers: 22. Draw Me Nearer - 3:06   Spiritualaires of Columbia: 23. The Last Mile Of The Way - 3:00   Silvertone Quintet: 24. Storm Of Life - 2:47   Drexall Singers: 25. Jesus Said Live Holy - 2:37   Spiritual Harmonizers: 26. I'm Your Servant Lord - 2:55   Southwinds: 27. They Call Me Crazy - 2:33

Heavenly Gates: 1. All Right Now - 2:18   Sister Bernice Dobson & The Camp Meeting Choir: 2. If I Can Just Make It In - 2:49  Evening Star Quartet: 3. Lord Take My Hand - 2:42   Unidentified Quartet: 4. Ship Of Zion - 2:45   Rev. H.B. Crum & The Mighty Golden Keys: 5. So Much To Thank Jesus For - 2:43   Ida Hayes & The Mello-Tones: 6. How Many Souls - 3:05   The Supreme Angels: 7. Seven Seals - 2:38   The Ethel Davenport Singers: 8.. Steal Away And Pray - 2:57   Pilgrim Singers: 9. The Night Was Dark - 2:56   Sister Lucile Barbee & Morgan Babb: 10. Call Him By His Name - 2:32   Kindly Shepherds: 11. How I Love Jesus - 2:54   Saints of Glory: 12. Perfect Stranger - 2:52   Joyful Travelers: 13. Lord Lift Me Up - 4:40   Margaret Barnes & Group: 14. Savior Don't You Pass Me By - 2:43   Unidentified Quartet: 15. One More Working Day - 2:59   The Skylight Singers: 16. Certainly Lord - 2:49   Nellie Lynn & The Sons of Harmony: 17. If Jesus Had To Pray - 3:08   The Southern Echoes: 18. On My Way To See Jesus - 2:38   Friendly Brothers: 19. Need Jesus On My Journey - 2:49   Bessie Griffin & Southern Revivalists: 20. I'm Thinking Of The Lord - 2:37   Rising Sun Gospel Singers: 21. The Prodigal Son - 2:15   The Gospel Travelers: 22. Praying Time - 2:19   Gospel Silhouettes: 23. Tell It To Jesus - 2:34   Rev. R.A. Daniels & Chorus: 24. I'm A Soldier - 1:40   The Ethel Davenport Singers: 25. Heavenly Express - 2:17   Macedonians: 26. I'll Never More Pass This Way - 2:18   Seven Melody Men: 27. Mother Pray For Me - 2:57

Rev. Arthur Caruthers: 1. Good Man In A Bad Fix (A Sermonette) - 4:09   2. I Know For Myself I've Been Changed - 4:03   Rev. G.W. Killens & Mt. Calvary Congregation: 3. Fighting For Jesus - 2:23   4. Great God Almighty - 2:49   5. Same Man - 2:43   Rev. H.R. Jelks Of The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Chicago: 6. It Rained 40 Days And 40 Nights, Pts. 1 & 2 - 5:52   7. Why Complain - 4:05   Rev. M. Larry Franklin at The Greater St. Paul Baptist Church Detroit: 8. Little Baby Of Bethlehem, Pts. 1 & 2 - 5:57   Deacon Leroy Shinault:of NY.: 9. Lord, I Cannot Live In Sin (A Lining Hymn With Congregation In Chicago) - 2:18   Elder Benjamin H. Brodie of NY.: 10. John Saw The Number - 2:40   11. Prayer For All - 1:51   12. Prayer #1 - 1:57   Rev. C.C. "The 'Traveling Shoes' Man" Chapman & The Faith Temple Choir of Los Angeles: 13. On My Way, Pts. 1 & 2 - 4:54   Rev. M. C.L. Franklin at The New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit: 14. I'll Go, Pts. 1 & 2 - 6:04   15. Eagle Stirreth Her Nest (Closing Section) - 6:36   Rev. Robert Crenshaw of The New Brown’s Chapel in Memphis: 16. I Wonder Will We Meet Again - 6:15   17. I Love The Lord - 2:47   Elder Charles D. Beck of The Way Of The Cross Church in Buffalo NY.: 18. Rock And Roll Sermon, Pts. 1 & 2 - 4:30   Rev. William M. Rimson & Congregation in Detroit: 19. Believe On Me ("Jesus Said It") - 2:45

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