Gene Segal – Matter

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New York-based guitarist/composer Gene Segal was born in Russia and immigrated to USA as a young child with his musician family. His upbringing in European music tradition combined with American contemporary music including jazz enabled Gene Segal to create his unique universe of multi-layered music.

"The energy on this CD is different/better in major ways...if raw energy in jazz is your forte - GET THIS one!...I give Gene and all his players a definite MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED?" Improvijazzation on 'Mental Images'

Track Listing:
1. Faint Memories of Home - 4:59  2. Ordinary Matter - 9:22  3. Mood - 7:44  4. Vortex - 7:50  5. Patiently Waiting - 8:13  6. Life In the Abstract - 5:26  7. Strange Matter - 9:41  8. Morph - 5:22  9. Sun King - 7:23

Gene Segal (guitar), Jon Irabagon (tenor saxophone), Sam Sadigursky (clarinet, bass clarinet), Sean Conly (bass), Jaimeo Brown (drums)

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