Diane Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley – Deltaphonic

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"DeltaPhonic" is Electric and Eclectic Vintage Blues Music from the Award Winning Duo of DIANA BRAITHWAITE & CHRIS WHITELEY. On this new album, their 3rd for Electro-Fi, Chris and Diana delve deeply into their love of the Blues Music of the 1930’s and 40’s, this time also including an electric edge to the proceedings as they also pay tribute to the Chicago Blues.
As with their previous releases "Morning Sun" and "Night Bird Blues" (which charted at #2 on XM Radio), the songs are mostly original, (the duo won the 2010 Songwriter of the Year Maple Blues Award), but remain true to the sound of the Classic Blues Tradition, utilizing Diana’s soulfully expressive vocals and Chris’ mastery of the guitar, harmonica and trumpet. Chris & Diana were fortunate enough to have as their beloved mentors many of Blues Music’s greatest innovators, LONNIE JOHNSON, BLIND JOHN DAVIS, SAM CHATMON and ALBERT COLLINS, and consider themselves blessed to have learned this music directly from these artists. It’s to them, with much respect, that they dedicate "DeltaPhonic".

Track Listing
1. Cool Cat - 4:15   2. Twice As Good - 3:13   3. Shake Blues - 3:31   4. Don't Apologize - 3:22   5. Midnight Stroll - 3:59   6. Good Luck Angel - 4:02   7. It Hurts Me Too - 5:17   8. Champagne Blues - 3:32   9. Border Patrol Blues - 6:43   10. Jump and Shout - 3:25   11. Walkin' and Talkin' - 4:11   12. It Was a Sad Night In Harlem - 3:15

Diana Braithwaite (vocals) , Chris Whiteley (guitars, slide guitar, harmonica, trumpet, vocals) , Mike Archer (electric & upright bass) , Lindsay Beaver (drums) , Phil Skladowski (baritone sax) , Jesse Whiteley (piano, Hammond organ) , Jonathan Wong (tenor saxophone) , Kala Braithwaite (vocals on 3)

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