Gale Robbins & Helen Grayco – I’m a Dreamer / After Midnight


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I'm A Dreamer
American actress and singer Betty Gale Robbins (1921-1980) climbed the ladder to stardom as a model first. Then she proceeded to do it all over again as a singer in Chicago, with the bands of Phil Levant, Jan Garber, Ben Bernie, and Hal Kemp, but also with appearances on radio and TV. During World War II she also attained nationwide fame as a pin-up girl, but the final jump in her career was to the big screen, when she became a Hollywood star during the post-war years. “People always are so terribly surprised to find out I’m a professional singer,” she complained. “They think of me as an actress. But if I sang more, Hollywood wouldn’t give me a chance to act. It’s this stupid typecasting thing.” In 1958, her fame afforded her the chance to record an album for Vik with the Eddie Cano Orchestra titled "I’m A Dreamer." With a versatile set of arrangements by Cano, Gale Robbins projected her sultry and sophisticated approach to a repertoire of familiar standards that shine thanks to her intimate knowledge of the melodies. Gale Robbins stepped away from the spotlight in the 60s, but still today you can find her star at 6510 Hollywood Boulevard, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

After Midnight
Helen Grayco (1924-) started her career as a singer when she was 8, on KHJ Radio in L.A. Her first break came at 17. Stan Kenton needed a vocalist, Helen tried out, landed the job, and she started touring with the band. Subsequently she sang with several bands before she was hired by Spike Jones and his City Slickers. Helen’s songs became a soothing contrast to the tumultuous musical buffooneries of the Slickers. She married Jones in 1948, and their relationship was as successful in private as it was under the glare of the spotlight. After her name came to be associated with the Slickers though, Helen was known in the trade as one of the most under-rated singers in the country, perhaps because critics had a hard time taking anyone in the Spike Jones entourage seriously. So at Spike’s urging, in 1955 Helen began to sing on her own. Her debut as a single act was a smash hit. She had a distinctive touch for torch tunes and slow ballads, and her sensuous, husky singing style together with the sleek, fascinating gowns she wore,  finally brought her critical acclaim. In 1957 she recorded her album "After Midnight," adequate evidence of the talent she always possessed.

Track Listing:
Gale Robbins: 1. What Is This Thing Called Love? - 2:10   2. Them There Eyes  – 3:10   3. How Deep Is the Ocean – 2:29   4. Ain't Nothing Wrong with That Baby - 2:39   5. Golden Earrings – 2:32   6. The Nearness of You – 3:03   7. They Can't Take That Away from Me – 2:50   8. Here I Go (In Love Again) – 2:56   9. I'm a Dreamer, Aren't We All? - 2:35   10. Best of All – 3:21   11. Music, Maestro, Please – 2:47   12. Ain't Misbehavin' – 2:48   Helen Grayco: 13. Take Me in Your Arms – 3:12   14. Mood Indigo – 3:25   15. Glad to Be Unhappy – 2:36   16. Every Time We Say Goodbye – 3:29   17. While We’re Young – 2:45   18. Black Coffee – 3:15   19. You’re My Thrill – 3:23   20. Good Morning Heartache – 3:14   21. We'll Be Together Again – 3:04   22. Last Night When We Were Young - 2:59   23. Midnight Sun – 2:58   24. You Don’t Know What Love Is – 3:38   25. Teach Me Tonight – 2:26 *   26. Love and Marriage – 2:34 *    27. C'est La Guerre – 2:20 *
* Bonus Tracks

Tracks #1-12, from the Gale Robbins album “I’m a Dreamer” (Vik LX 1128)
Tracks #13-24, from the Helen Grayco album “After Midnight” (Vik LX 1066)
Track #25, from the Helen Grayco single “X” 4X-0051
Track #26, from the Helen Grayco single “X” 4X-0168
Track #27, from the Helen Grayco single Vik 4X-0219


Personnel on "I’m a Dreamer":
Gale Robbins, vocals, with Eddie Cano and His Orchestra
Tracks #1,5,7,12: John Audino, Jimmy Salko, Tony Terran, trumpets; Milt Bernhart, Joe Howard, Lloyd Ulyate, trombones; Herb Geller, Med Flory, alto saxes; Bob Cooper, Dave Pell, tenor saxes; Marty Berman, baritone sax; Lou Levy, piano; Tommy Tedesco, guitar; Buddy Clark, bass; Mel Lewis, drums; Carlos Mejia, conga.
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, October 9, 1957
Tracks #3,6,9,11: Jack Shulman, Dan Lube, Emil Briano, Erno Neufeld Thomas Mancini, William Miller, violins; Harry Hyams, Paul Robyn, Louis Kievman, Stanley Harris, violas; Edgar Lustgarten, Raphael Kramer, cellos; Lou Levy, piano; Tommy Tedesco, guitar; Buddy Clark, bass; Mel Lewis, drums; Carlos Mejia, conga.
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, October 10, 1957
Tracks #2,4,8,10: Bob Cooper, tenor sax; Lou Levy, piano; Larry Bunker, vibes; Tommy Tedesco, Nick Bonney, guitar; Buddy Clark, bass; Mel Lewis, drums; Carlos Mejia, conga.
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, October 11, 1957

Personnel on "After Midnight":
Helen Grayco, vocals, with Orchestra Arranged by Russell Garcia and Conducted by Judd Conlon
Les Robinson, alto sax; Gerald Wiggins, piano; Larry Bunker, vibes; Barney Kessel, guitar; Joe Mondragon, bass; Alvin Stoller, drums; plus string section.
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood 1957
Track #25: Orchestra directed by Harold Mooney (1954)
Track #26: The Jud Conlon Singers and Orchestra (1954)
Track #27: Orchestra directed by Harold Mooney (1955)