Gabriel Amargant Quintet – And Now For Something Completely Different

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The Gabriel Amargant Quintet project involves the reunion of five young musicians who have shared years of training and stages in many and varied musical projects. All leaders of their own groups, they have decided to come together this time to present a repertoire of original compositions resulting from their respective musical experiences.

1. Wise Man - 5:25   2. Mah! - 6:46   3. La Petite Chien - 7:12   4. Seventy Steps to Vallcarca (Stairway to Diego) - 9:24   5. Esbergínies Rebossades - 7:49   6. Pigeon's Dance - 6:47   7. Much Laugh About Nothing - 4:58

Gabriel Amargant (tenor sax) , Marco Mezquida (piano) , Adrià Plana (guitar) , Miquel Serna (bass) , Gonzalo Del Val (drums).

Recorded by Toni Paría at Estudis 44.1 in Aiguaviva, Girona, July 7 & 8, 2014
Mixed & mastered by Ferràn Conangle
Photography & design: Carlos Pericás
Produced by Gabriel Amargant
Executive producer: Jordi Pujol


"Ya me he oido este disco cuatro veces y cuanto más lo pongo, más me gusta. Este es el Amargant que quiero escuchar... La técnica instrumental dominada sin esfuerzo... Esa musicalidad... Esa madurez que les falta a otros de su misma edad... Esas ideas siempre renovadas... Sigue así, chaval... ¡Anda! ya se acabó el disco! Vale, dale al replay..."

Juan Claudio Cifuentes, "Cifu"