Inkpot Monkeys

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Inkpot Monkeys is an original band of four pieces (vox,guitar bass and drums) based on the smooth and warm voice of the scottish singer Liz Reekie.
The sound of this band take us back to the old days when starting on a simple melody people would sit down and grab the instrument they were able to play letting the "Magic "come out from the Music.
The background is hard to be defined: more than one genre mixed up together going from smooth jazzie/bluesie sounds to almost funk and rock atmospheres with a lot of other inflluences you may find in between.
Just the old way; a good melody, a good song and no need to get crazy with too complicated and often distracting arrangements ....... Let Music speak for Itself!!

Track Listing:
1. The blues – 4:36   2. Move it – 3:03   3. Ever – 4:06   4. Slip it on – 3:04   5. Suddenly – 3:10   6. Let me bide – 3:30   7. Sunshine – 2:22

Liz Reekie (vocals) , Andrea Zanotti (bass) , Francesco Plazzi (guitar) , Pepo (drums)