Various – The Ten Commandments Of Rock ‘N’ Roll – 7 – Be Empathic She’s A Flirt


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A weird little back of rock and rollers – songs that have to do with a woman's infidelity, and a man's need to understand her needs too! If that sounds complicated, just get past the concept and give the CD a spin – because, like other great titles in this series, it's mostly just a batch of rare 45s from the glory days of the 7" single – brought together with a loose idea of a concept that's hardly needed much because the tracks are so great!

Track Listing:
Ike Turner and The Kings Of Rhythm (vocals: Tommy Hodge): 1. (I Know) You Don't Love Me -   Jerry Lee Lewis: 2. Mean Woman Blues -   Jimmy Bowen:- 3. You're Just Wasting Your Time -   Wanda Jackson: 4. Mean, Mean Man -   Jim Wilson with The Flares: 5. Have A Tear On Me -   Walt Benton and The Diplomats: 6. I'm Gonna Leave You -   Chuck Wheeler: 7. Feelin Kinda Lonesome -   The Ravens featuring Jimmy Ricks: 8. Bye Bye Baby Blues -   The Checkers: 9. You Never Had It So Good -   Charlie Rich with Gene Lowery Singers: 10. Gonna Be Waitin' -   Johnny Jano: 11. Mabel’s Gone -   Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps: 12. You Told A Fib -   Eugene Church: 13. I'm Your Taboo Man -   Bull Moose Jackson and His Orchestra: 14. Bad Man Jackson, That’s Me -   Faye Adams: 15. I'll Be True -   Bob And Earl: 16. You Made A Boo Boo -   The Jewels: 17. She's A Flirt -   Roy Brown and His Mighty Men: 18. I've Got The Last Laugh Now -   Tiny Bradshaw: 19. Lay It On The Line -   The Royal Jokers: 20. Don't Leave Me Fanny -   Turner Moore with Charley Moore & The Crystals: 21. I'll Be Leavin' You -   Big Bopper: 22. It's The Truth Ruth -   Niki Sullivan: 23. It’s All Over -   Lee Denson: 24. Devil Doll -   Steve Schickel: 25. Don’t Lie -   Billie High and The Four Recorders: 26 Wondering If You Still Care -   Jimmy Bowen with The Rhythm Orchids: 27. Stop Wasting My Time -   The Crickets: 28. Lonesome Tears -   The Gleams: 29. You Broke My Heart -   Bobby Austin: 30. Look Out Heart We're Gonna Lose Again -

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