Various – Kiss Away: Rock ‘n’ Roll Songs Of Happiness


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Atomicat Records (ACCD141) Kiss Away, Rock 'n' Roll Songs Of Happiness Volume Three, is a thirty-song album and a rockin' love story, with dance titles fitting sourced for Valentine's celebrations and weddings. The rhythmic songs featured on the album are obtained from 1954 through to 1962, and the songs have 365-day playability, and are musical serotonin! Kiss Away is full of happiness derived from the pleasing array of songs sourced for the album. The blast of rhythm sets of Texan style when Donna Dameron with the assistance of The Big Bopper sings about Big Love, and the Bopper on his own has succeeded in finding a pretty sweetie dressed in a Pink Petty Coat. Musically the album has an injection of Rock 'n' Roll and Atomicat Records have taken some well-known songs and presented the less well-known versions. Gloria Mann's energetic big city production of Why Do Fools Fall In Love is ballsy and impressive, and Carl Perkins's classic Your True Love is performed in a duet by Bob and Shirley with support from The Valiants. Depending on your knowledge or which artist you prefer singing the Ray Stanley penned Love Charms, we decided upon a version from Sanford Clark. Pat O Day has the love bug during All Love Broke Loose, and country artist Eddy Arnold's interpretation of Kisses Sweeter Than Wine becomes a catchy country-tinged teen rocker.

Track Listing:
1. Donna Dameron: Big Love -   2. The Big Bopper: Pink Petticoats -   3. Lenny Capello And The Dots: Tootles -   4. Gloria Mann: Why Do Fools Fall In Love? -   5. Buddy Walker: I Want You -   6. Thurston Harris: My Love Will Last -   7. The Dubs: Song In My Heart -   8. Gary Dale: Love Is Dynamite -   9. Big Moe and The Panics: Whistle Bait -   10. Bob And Shirley And The Valiants: Your True Love -   11. The Leaders: Lovers -   12. Clifford Curry, Jr.: Kiss, Kiss, Kiss -   13. Johnny Frank: Lil' Lover -   14. The Ding Dongs: Sweet Thing -   15. The Carnations: Long Tall Girl -   16. The El Domingos: Lucky Me I'm In Love -   17. Sanford Clark: Love Charms -   18. Pat O'Day: All Love Broke Loose -   19. The Clips with Jimmy Beck and His Band: Kiss Away -   20. The Chordcats: Hold Me Baby -   21. Richie Robin: Branded -   22. Connie Conway: I Sure Need You -   23. Gene Vincent: Pretty Pearly -   24. Eddy Arnold: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine -   25. Pamela Law: Naturally -   26. The Monotones: Reading The Book Of Love -   27. Alvin Gaines and The Themes: Let's Jump The Broomstick -   28. Ted Self: Walk Her Down The Aisle -   29. The Ding Dongs: Now We're One -   30. Johnny Fuller and Band: You Got Me Whistling -