Various – There’s Gonna Be A Ball: Rock ‘n’ Roll Espanol – 3CD


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Atomicat coordinator Mark Armstrong has compiled a 3 CD series with 84 recordings housed in a mini-box, the set has a 8 page annotated booklet, lavishly designed by Johnny Montezuma. The series is another of our popular Bred projects during which we look at the background of musicians and their roots. The set has a focus on Mexican and Spanish Rock 'n' Roll, and the songs be it original or cover versions are singing in both Spanish and the English language, with often untamed backing from the bands! Many artists hid their birth heritage with an anglicisation of their name, in order to gain airplay and wider distribution of their music, and this identity change did not harm the short career of Ritchie Valens, or his chauffeur and friend Jutilio Perez who drove Valens to his audition at De-Fi Records. Perez was Puerto Rico born and performed as Tony Casanova and Tony Ray. The swapping of identities also occurred, one performer took on an identity of a Mexican when a Mexican-American family took him into their home and two Dutchmen moved to Spain and lived as Spaniards. The artists featured over the three Cd series are from various cultural identities; Tejano, Mexican, Chicano, Mexican-American, Spanish, Hispano and the series is spiced with some Puerto Rican performers, and the final album in the set includes some titles with Mexican flavour. Our albums have; stunning design, sleeve notes, 28 songs on each CD, mastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future!

Track Listing:

Carlos Diaz with The Royal Tones: 1. Sugaree -   Freddie Fender: 2. Bailando El Rock & Roll (Rip It Up) -   Los Locos Del Ritmo: 3. Geraldine -   Sonny Ace & The Twisters: 4. Tamales -   Cuarteto Don Ramon Sr.: 5. Pachuco Boogie -   Augie Garcia Quintet: 6. Be My Guest -   The Velveteens: 7. Dog Patch -   Rudy Gray: 8. There's Gonna Be A Ball -   Mando and The Chili Peppers: 9. Swingin' Baby -   Mike 'Keys' Martinez: 10. Sugar Baby -   Gloria Rios: 11. El Relojito (Rock Around The Clock) -   Los Rebeldes Del Rock: 12. La Bamba -   Lalo Guerrero con Los Satelites: 13. Tequila -   Felix and His Guitar: 14. Chilli Beans -   Don Ramon Martinez: 15. Chicano Boogie -   Freddie Fender: 16. Mean Woman -   Chris Montez: 17. Rocking Blues -   Los Crazy Boys: 18. Leroy -   Los Boppers: 19. Tren Solitario (Lonesome Train) -   Los Estudiantes: 20. Woo-Hoo -   Publio and The Valiants: 21. Out Of Town -   Las Mary Jets: 22. Dulces Tonterias (Sweet Nothings) -   Eddie Quinteros: 23. Lindy Lou -   Los Teen Tops: 24. Voy Bien O Me Regreso (It'll Be Me) -   Tony Casanova: 25. Yea! Yea! Come Another Day -   Los Llopis: 26. Hasta La Vista Cocodrilo (See You Later Alligator) -   Los Apson: 27. Anoche Me Enamore (Tonight I Fell In Love) -   Rosie And The Originals: 28. Why Did You Leave Me -

Baldemar Huerta con Los Romanceros: 1. No Seas Cruel (Don't Be Cruel) -   Los Teen Tops: 2. Presumida (High Class Baby) -   Ritchie Valens: 3. Boney-Maronie -   Tony and Charley: 4. Escucha Cowboy (Mule Skinner Blues) -   Eddie con Los Shades: 5. Tequilita Rock -   The Eternals: 6. Rocking In The Jungle -   Alberto Vazquez: 7. 16 Toneladas (16 Tons) -   The Royal Jesters and The Memphis III: 8. Let's Kiss And Make Up -   Los Teen Tops: 9. Tutti Frutti -   Little Julian Herrera and The Tigers: 10. True Fine Mama -   Trini Lopez: 11. Here Comes Sally -   Rosie and The Originals: 12. Give Me Love -   Vickie Diaz: 13. Your Mama Said No -   Eddie con Los Shades (Baldemar Huerta): 14. Lucy Lucy -   Danny Flores: 15. No Matter What You Do -   The Rocking Boys: 16. Wipe Out -   Rudy Gray: 17. You Better Believe It -   Los Loud Jets: 18. Agitese, Haga Ruido Y Ruede (Shake Rattle And Roll) -   'Mister Tequila' Chuck Rio: 19. Big Boy -   Los Pajaros Locos: 20. Teddy Girl -   Baldemar Huerta: 21. Encaje De Chantilly (Chantilly Lace) -   Trini Lopez: 22. It Hurts To Be In Love -   Los Teen Tops: 23. Buen Rock Esta Noche (Good Rockin' Tonight) -   Desda: 24. Splish Splash Twist - Los Crazy Boys: 25. Be-Bop-A-Lula -   Tony Casanova: 26. When I Say Bye Bye -   Rudy 'Tutti' Grayzell: 27. You’re Gone -   Little Julian Herrera: 28. Symbol Of Heaven -

Loy Clingman: 1. Rockin' Down Mexico Way -   Los Llopis: 2. Estremecete (All Shook Up) -   Boo & His Girl Friend: 3. You Got What It Takes -   Los Locos Del Ritmo: 4. La Chica Alborotada (Tallahassee Lassie) -   Los Teen Tops: 5. Confidente De Secundaria (High School Confidential) -   The Contenders: 6. Tequila Song -   Freddie Fender: 7. I Can’t Remember -   Augie Rios: 8. Hop, Skip And Jump -   Trini Lopez: 9. Yes You Do -   Johnnie 'The Gash' Gray: 10. Tequila -   Los Locos Del Ritmo: 11. La Mantequilla (Move It) -   Los Sleepers: 12. El Dinosaurio (Just Like Eddie) -   Chuck Rio: 13. Margarita -   Los Teen Tops: 14. El Rock De La Carcel (Jailhouse Rock) -   Carlos Brothers: 15. La Bamba -   The Romancers: 16. Slauson Sax -   Star Mountain Dreamers: 17. Tu Corazon -   Don Ramon Sr.: 18. Wine-O-Boogie -   Chuck Higgins: 19. Pachuko Hop -   Lalo Guerrero: 20. Chicas Patas Boogie (Oh Babe) -   The Velveteens: 21. Johnny’s Jump -   The Matadors: 22. Perfidia -   Trini Lopez: 23. The Right To Rock -   Scotty Wayne: 24. I’m Gonna Leave -   Chuck 'Tequila' Rio: 25. Bye Bye Baby -   Star Mountain Dreamers: 26. Maldito -   Yolanda And The Naturals: 27. Jawbone -   Sunny And The Sunglows: 28. Talk To Me -