J.J. Cale – After Hours In Minneapolis


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Superb 1988 Broadcast recording from the sadly missed J.J. Cale. 
Ready to end his career as a writer and performer in the early 1970s, when J.J. Cale heard a version of his After Midnight on the radio, performed by one Eric Clapton, his mind was changed. Instead he put out an array of critically acclaimed albums through the 70s and 80s. Besides Clapton, Cale attracted further famous fans in the shape of Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynrd and Johnny Cash, among many others, and his songs remain covered by multiple performers to this day. The 1988 show featured on this majestic CD was recorded for live radio broadcast at the Fine Line Music Café, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on 9th May that year, and finds J.J. in spectacular form - despite, at this juncture not having released a studio album for five years. Featuring, alongside a host of Cale classics, a number of cuts written and sung by the future Mrs. Cale - then his long-time partner - Christine Lakeland, this varied and eclectic gig featuring a full band line up is a joy to hear and is sure to become a fan-favourite amongst live albums of the great, albeit now sadly passed, musician and songwriter.

Track Listing:
1. After Midnight - 4:21   2. Old Man - 2:29   3. Deep Dark Dungeon - 2:40   4. Drifter's Wife - 1:52   5. Cocaine - 3:31   6. Call Me the Breeze - 4:29   7. Money Talks - 4:18   8. Everything Makes Me Nervous - 4:23   9. Detail - 3:56   10. Temptations - 3:51   11. Crazy Mama - 5:00   12. 13 Days - 3:13   13. Hot Time - 6:55   14. Magnolia - 2:32   15. Cajun Moon - 6:16   16. Sensitive Kind - 4:02   17. Lies - 6:09