Larry Elgart and his Manhattan Swing Orchestra – Switched on Swing – Six Medleys

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Track Listing:
1. Switched On Swing - 6:35   2. Switched On Big Bands - 6:05   3. Switched On A Star - 6:35   4. Switched On Astaire - 6:37   5. Switched On The Blues - 6:13   6. Switched On Broadway - 5:19


1. - Customer Review - 5.0 out of 5 stars - Great *Sampler* But So Short! I Want MORE! - May 29, 200 - Alex H.
I remember seeing the commercial for HOOKED ON SWING back in the 80s when I was a small kid and because I liked the song "In The Mood," I insisted my parents buy me the cassette. This became one of my favorite things to play on my boom box and now as an adult, I'm so glad to find it on CD.
The HOOKED ON SWING CD by "The Kings Of Swing Orchestra" contains medleys of some of the most popular and classic songs of all time. "The Kings Of Swing Orchestra" went in and re-recorded the music, sometime in the 80s, and provide a snippet of wonderful songs from the past, that just blend seamlessly into one another. Songs in the medleys include "In The Mood," "New York, New York," "Misty," "S'Wonderful," "Lullaby Of Broadway," "Chattanooga Choo Choo," "Don't Get Around Much Anymore," "On The Sunny Side Of The Street," and "Mame," just to name of few. As you can see the medleys aren't limited to just swing songs and include hits from Broadway, love songs, etc. The CD sounds great!
Clocking in at about 40:09-minutes, each medley running about 5-6 minutes with 8-medleys (tracks) in all, the CD is too short! I wish it were longer! Each medley gives the listener just a taste of a classic swing song before moving on to another.
The cover folds open with the individual songs listed (also on the back cover of the CD) so you know what songs were used in the medleys. I highly recommend HOOKED ON SWING. It's a great introduction to some of the most iconic songs of all time.