Reggae Cowboys – Wild West Indians

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In "Wild West Indian," Reggae Cowboys dig beneath the rote cowboys-against Indians themes to reach less commonly told stories of the West.

Reggae & Western Music

Reggae has alway had its cowboys elements from Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff" and "Buffalo Soldier" to toasters with names like Clint Eastwood. People in the Caribbean grew up listening to country & western music and watching lots of Western movies. Says Stone Ranger: "My brother was a projectionist at the local movie theatre, so I grew up with a steady diet of Westerns starring Clint Eastwood, Gary Cooper, Gabby Hayes, Audie Murphy and Fernando Sancho."

Like the romantic cowboy heroes in old John Wayne films and dime store novels, the Reggae Cowboys and their fans are having serious fun. Reggae Cowboys are blazing a new trail with their unique brand of "spaghetti Western reggae".

"Effortless and natural, the Cowboys fusion of western themes and reggae riddims actually rediscovers a musical synthesis found in reggae's early years, when the island was tuning into American country and western music, along with seminal R&B.Soaring without showboating, (Stone Ranger's) fluid guitar passages are studded with evocative signatures from the soundtrack to American cowboy culture, real and imagined, past and present." Billboard 

Track Listing:
1. Reggae Rodeo – 3:44   2. Searchin' For De Outlaw – 4:26   3. We All Come Down – 3:50   4. Tell The Truth – 4:14   5. Wild West Indian – 3:46   6. Road Show – 4:10   7. Do It To Debt – 3:10   8. Because Of The Gun – 3:46   9. Cowboy Riddim' – 3:26   10. De Agenda – 3:24   11. Geronimo – 3:58   12. Lighten Up – 3:47   13. Hotel California – 5:38   14. Hang 'Em High – 2:44

Stone Ranger (lead guitar, lead vocals, bass on 11, keyboards on 9,13) , Click Masta Sync (rhythm guitar, lead vocals) , Gully (bass) , Marshall Brooks (keyboards, backing vocals on 2-4, 7,9,13,14) , Marshall King (keyboards, backing vocals on 1,5,6,8,10-12) , Odel Johnson (drums on 1,5,6,8,10-12) , Bounty Don (drums on 2-4,7,9,13,14) , Rod Philips (organ on 10) , Quammie Williams (percussion on 8,10,13)